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This place is here to help archive bits of our history.
A place to post the last remnants of the threads some wise people saved from before the dark times, before Joss was taken off the air.

Here are the threads we have managed to find so far. Many thanks to Xeno for saving these great bits of our history.

Keep in mind, these are pages that were saved on a hard-drive, then modified a bit, and uploaded to some webspace. These are not actual BB pages. Most things on the pages do not work. Though I have changed the page links to take you to the correct page, and the banner at the top will bring you back here.

Raven's Realm Threads

Very Interesting
started 3/30/02
about a roumor concerning some hidden text in one of the DVDs
1 page

The Appreciation Thread page 3
starting 4/24/02
Some random fun


Board Now threads

Absent Friends
started 7/4/02
about who still needs to be invited
2 pages

started 7/5/02
about different areas of the board
page 2 of 2

started 7/14/02
supposed to be about racing, but like with everything else it has a bunch of other stuff in it.
5 pages

A dream of Finland
started 7/27/02
About one of Xeno's dreams
1 page

Raisins are Evil
started 9/5/02
About the evils of raisins (contains a funny joke by zilla)
1 page

Wedding related threads
about the wedding of Faith, Paike, and Lindalou

started 9/17/02
1 page
Bachelorette Party
started 9/20/02
1 page
Wedding Time
started 9/20/02
1 page
started 9/23/02
1 page
started 9/23/02
1 page


Episode Guide
started 9/28/02
Episode guide for the first 6 seasons, done by Baa.
1 page

The Cheese
started 12/22/02
about the cheeseman that appeared throughout the episode Restless
1 page

My Eyes are Burning
started 1/09/03
About Faith's loosing battle with spoilers
1 page

How many people can I offend
started 1/21/03
Zed being obnoxious :-)
1 page