Britny's cat - Balthazar

pet cat pet cat
Some newer pics. He's almost three and a half now.

pet dog pet cat
pet cat
pet cat pet cat

pet cat
And here he is as a kitten annouing the Lab we used to have. Always wanted to sleep with him.

My wife's cat - Charlie

pet dog

pet cat pet cat

All cats bellow are long gone.
Either given away, ran away, or passed away.


Here is Britny's newest pet.. Sadie

These are two others that arrived in June.
Originally they were named Spike and Leo. Spike was the one on the right (for obvious reasons)
Leo didn't stay long because we were only supposed to get one of them, not both.
Shortly after that, Spike was renamed to Willow, because............well, ............ Spike isn't really a good name for a FE-male! (they were both supposed to be boys)


Here is Britny's newest pet.- Miss Kitty Fantastico

Keeping with the household tradition of having animals that are no where near normal,
this one seems to think that it is a parrot.
This is not an unusual position for this kitten.

Here is another pic.
The new kitten with our other cat "angel" (this one thinks it's a lap dog)
She still isn't real happy about having a kitten around. The chance for this picture didn't last long.
Since Angel took off less than a minute later.
At least she doesn't high-tail it imediately anymore. And she only hisses at it occasionally now.

This is my wife's baby "Angel".

This is my daughter's baby "Faith"

And this is the 2 of them doing what they do best
Get into trouble :-)