My Pet

This is my baby. His name is Rosie.

Sorry the pictures are so fuzzy. All I have is a cheap digital camera with a fixed focus lense.

Rosie is a Rose Haired tarantula. I've had him for about three and a half years now. He was probably at least a year old when I got him. He's about 6" long.

You might think that tarantulas are strange pets. To me they are the perfect pet. They don't need a lot of attention. They don't make noise. Don't eat a lot (mine sometimes goes for a couple months without eating, although I still try to feed him at least every 2 weeks). Usually he eat 1 cricket a week. I clean his tank maybe once a year.

Rose Hair's are supposed to be pretty mellow, but mine really has his moment. I do handle him sometimes, but generaly try to avoid it. More to make sure nothing happens to him. If he were to fall out of my hand, it could kill him. I've never been bitten by him yet. Then again, I always check to see what kind of mood he is in first. I'll stick a pencil in his tank in front of him. If attacks it, it isn't a good time to pick him up.

UPDATE - rosie has passed away after I had him for about 4 years. I have gotten another rose hair to replace him though. A female I belive.