GLMF 2004

Pub Sing

DAY 11 - 08/07/04 &
DAY 12 - 08/08/04
Since I have so many pics from these 2 days, I am putting them on a
separate page.

DAY 10 - 08/01/04

Some interesting game. Involving bitting down on either end of a rose stem and pulling. Whoever ends up with the biggest piece wins ?

Ok, I have to set this one up to kind of give you the full effect. The girls were singing the "Little Pig" song(seen a few names for it online). They were doing the carpenter lyrics when
Pester jumps up on stage and yells out the ending of that verse "he bangs me!"
Everyone lost it!
It was hilarious. Wish I would have gotten a pic of him walking back off the stage holding his hand on his bum :-)

For those that don't know, the two guests on stage just got engaged earlier in the day.
Just before he closed the Pub Sing, the king called them up on stage to congratulate them.

DAY 9 - 07/31/04

The Bawdy Ballads girls cornering their prey for a kilt inspection!

Bardic Wind doing their thing at Pub Sing

Morgan does not look too enthusiastic.

Don't ask. I have learned not to try and explain anything the pirates are doing.

DAY 8 - 07/25/04

Roxanne dancing with one of the men-at-arms

Elvis is in the building! And Daphne goes wild.

Nelson decides to join the group dancing by the pub.

Next we have Johnny doing the blindfolded fire eating. Daphne said something about using her bloomers for the blindfold, and Johnny took her up on it :-) You have to be very carefull what you say around this crew!

Pub sing keeps getting wilder and crazier every day.
Can't wait to see what next weekend holds.

DAY 7 - 07/24/04

Penfold at it again with the silent wooing

A little fun and dancing going on.

Another guest drummer.

Well, the washing wenches decided to get in on the fun.
Nice of Daphne to lend a ................. (well, it isn't a hand :-)

DAY 6 - 07/18/04

Look who showed up for pub sing again. :-)
Not quite as crazy as last weekend, but still a good time.

Though I would stick these here. Since all but the one with the Duke were actually taken at pub sing

DAY 5 - 07/17/04

Notice anyone unusual in this picture. A special guest drummer?

DAY 4 - 07/11/04
Boy was this a rowdie one! If you left early, you missed one heck of a show.

It all started innocently enough with some dancing. Nostradamus dancing with the gravedigger :o
The King dancing with Morgan, and the Queen dancing with Nostradamus
There was also other dancing taking place by the pub.

Then the craziness began.

Isaac and Menagerie brought Johnny out on stage. He though he would draft Lisa into helping him with a stunt. The old transfer the flame using your tongue bit. :-)
But after many attempts to convince her it was decided that someone else should be the assistant.

So what better choice for an assistant than Scaramouche

The pictures can't tell the whole story, but just imagine putting Menagerie, Isaac Fawlkes, Johnny
Phoenix and one of the Tortuga Twins on the same stage with no script.

Don't know what prompted the kiss in the picture on the left, but I almost fell over laughing. Just wish I would have been able to catch the actual trick on film. Johnny was just to quick for me and my slow digital camera.

DAY 3 - 07/10/04
Not much happened. No pics

DAY 2 - 07/04/04

Just a bit of dancing in the mud to get this page started off.