GLMF 2004

This page is where I will try to post a picture of every cast member.

The Royal Court

King Amaranth Foraday

King Arthur & Lady Guinevere

Queen Petunia Foraday

Duke Iago Cameliard

Lady Elaine Cameliard

Sir Johnathan Waynewright

Baron Robert Drake

Lady Isabelle Wright

Cardinal Sinne
Heroes & Villains


El Cid

Joan of Arc



Alexander the Great

Grace O'Malley

Countess DeWinter

Morgan LeFay


Eric the Red

Genghis Khan
In Service to the King & Queen

Sir Patrick Crow - Master at arms

Stevens - Royal butler

Lady Persephone P Pennywhistle - LIW

Ringo Sutherland - Man at arms

William Findit - Royal map maker

Lady Hester Crowe - LIW

John Northfield - Man at arms
George Westchester - Man at arms

Lilith Ogden - LIW

Paul Easterly - Man at arms

Alexander Fleet - Royal page

Amelia Fairfax - LIW
In Service to the Duke & Dutchess

Rachael Marrow - Head of kitchen

Reginold Devonshire - ambassador to Fairyland

Beatrice Peters - Head of house

Roscoe the Executioner
Higgins of Roquefort - Fool
Town Council

William Gruff - Stone mason

Shelley Landers - Marriage councilor

Artemis Poole - Artist

Patty Chophouse - Butcher

Liberty Goode - Mayor

Kitty Bunt - Baker

Amber Boch - Brewer

Sealy Boch - Cooper

Conrad Bellowsby - Huntsman

Stilman Flounder - Barber surgeon

Virginia Radisson - Inn keeper

Ursula Dipwick - Chandlers wife
Villagers - lowerclass

Buttercup Plots-Flounder - mortician

Benjamin Stung - Beekeeper

Cordelia Weaver - Rope maker

Bram Grimm - Jailer

Edgar Grimm - Jailor

Alistair Grimm - Jailor

H.P. Grimm- Jailor

Shiela Milkit - Milk maid

Gabby Piehole - Town gossip

Bertha Thyme - Midwife

Colin Loaf - Privy cleaner

Phillip Plots - Gravedigger
Villagers - the scum

Charity Locke - Theif

Penfold Pox - Rat catcher

Honesty Locke - Theif

Pester Quagmire - Mud beggar

Squishy - Mud beggar

Lumpy Pussbottom - Mud beggar

Angus McMac - Lost Scot
Gerty Puddledunk - Fishmonger
Gypsy Horde

Balthazar Kiral Bshalde - Papa
Marona Bashalde - Mama

Corin Bashalde

Davinia Bashalde

Fafika Bashalde

Gabriella Bashalde
My name is Aladar Bashalde, you killed my father. Prepare to DIE!
Aladar Bashalde

Helania Bashalde
Crew of the Spoiled Vixen

Wretch Overboard - 1st mate

Vincenzo Calamari - gunners mate

Lucinda Waters - captain
The Fae

Genver - Ice Faerie

Queen Aurora Augustus

Gwengolo - Tree Faerie

Gouere - Summer Faerie

Here - Harvest Faerie

Mezheven - Night Faerie

Ebrel - Elven Muse

Mae - Garden gnome

Meurzh - Elven Hunter

Miedu - Ogre

C'hwerver - Day pixie

Kerzu - Faerie godmother