GLMF 2008

Sword School

It is with a sad heart, that I must say there will be no Sword School at the fiare this season.

It seems the budget just would not allow the faire to sign them this year.

There is hope that they may be able to return next season though.

For those who truely enjoy Sword School, make sure you let the faire know.
We must show the faire how valuable the school is to us, and the whole faire experience.
If you enjoyed the classes
If you just liked watching, and the added atmosphere of of actual sword training on site.
If you loved having the guys in the shire and some of the wacky things they did

Take a few momments and drop the faire a note telling them how much you enjoyed it and want to see it back again.
Email them at

Or better yet, phone them at 1-888-MEDIEVAL
I am sure a phone call would carry a little more weight than an email.

For those that prefer to actually mail a letter:

Great Lakes Medieval Faire
PO Box 376
Rock Creek, OH 44084

Memories are short.
If you want Sword School back remind the faire just how important Sword School is .

If you don't know what sword school is, click here.
I will attempt to explain what the school is like.
And why they mean so much.