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hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF

I will attempt to gather all the information about each retail DVD version I can.

hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF
hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF
On October 18, 2005, Empire pictures released a single DVD featuring a handful of half-hour US-syndicated episodes. The most significant change for these episodes as broadcast (apart from the length) was the addition of a laugh track.
The four episodes here are titled “Glory Glory Transylvania,” “Look Grandpa, a Player Organ,” “Clyde’s Zany Zanky Zoo” and “Dr. Pet Vet Vets His Pet.”
only 3 have a wolfman segment: “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry, “Jimmy Mack” by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Diana Ross.

Couple variations of the packaging.

Also have seen it listed as First Entertainment

hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF Same as the above US version,
except released by Digiview in Aug 2006
hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF Vol 1
October 17, 2006
Alliance Atlantis Home Video

3-disc box set of 13 full-length episodes.
With restored Wolfman segments.
The Wolfman theme, Sly & the Family Stone's "I Want To Take You Higher", had not yet been cleared, so the opening was altered with new music by The Tijuana Bibles from Toronto, and Billy Van's voice was redubbed by another Toronto voice actor (Van died in 2003).
As per recent airings in Canada on the cable networks Drive-In Classics and Space, the main Frightenstein theme is also a re-recording, because of licencing restrictions by Morning Music, Ltd.

DVD Episodes included:
Amos Moses
My Baby Loves Lovin
Tennessee Bird Walk
Gypsy Woman
I've Been Hurt

Heather Honey
Incense & Peppermints
Midnight Confessions
There Is A Mountain

Reach Out Of The Darkness
Bella Linda

hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF Vol 1
Same as above.
Released Aug 11 2009
by Anchor Bay
UPC 13131663891

and includes bonus, 6 fridge magnets

hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF Gorry Gory Trnsylvania
released in late 2008.
by Critical Mass
UPC 13131611090

A second set of 9 episodes. Featuring Colour Your Own Artwork by Gary Pullin
(some episodes on this have no wolfman segment at all, instead episodes are named using igor's intro)
Joy To The World
*Sprinkler Chaser (no wolfman music)
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin

Everyday With Your Girl
*Polka Dot Kid
Sky Pilot

Games People Play
*Shark remover

Bonus:Return To Transylvania Documentary by Ben Kane

hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF Igormania
released March 31, 2009
Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada and Critical Mass
Run time 65 minutes, rated PG.
UPC 13131610994

Bushy eyebrowed Fishka Rais as Igor was the most recognizable member of the Hilarious House of Frightenstein’s crazy castle.
Don’t let his imposing figure fool you Igor is lots of fun! He also loves animals, is a good friend to the Count, and works hard to improve his grammar skills.

hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF Grizelda's Eat Drink and Be Scary
released May 19 2009
Anchor Bay
Run time: 65min
UPC 13131649994

This DVD includes segments of Vincent Price intro's to Cooking with "Grizleda", the mail segment and a brief cameo here and there from the Wolfman who's always groovvy!

hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF Librarian's Not So Scary Tales
released Jun 30 2009 
Anchor Bay
runs approximately 65 minutes.
UPC 13131661095
The single sided disc is coded region 1

There isn't an episode guide or booklet included that mentions what the chapters are entitled. Each chapter starts with a hilarious introduction from the original master of the macabre, the one and only Vincent Price.

hilarious house of frightenstein HHOF Bats. Bones, and Creepy Poems
released Oct 13 2009
Anchor Bay
running time
UPC 13131666892