Hilarious House of Frightenstein
Episode guide and collection list

Hilarious House of Frightenstein HHOF

Most of this guide was put together by EzK on the HHOF message board.
Episode numbers are taken from the Drive in Classic episode list from when they re-broadcast the show in 2006.
Generally collectors identify the episodes by the songs played during the Wolfman segment.
Also helpfull in pinpointing and identifying episodes are things like what Igor is up to in the introduction, the animals spotlighted by Doctor Pet Vet, and in the Zany Zoo, as well as whatever the Professor is discussing.
Common abreviations used in the notes section are HWB = Harvey Wall Banger, and GSB = Grammar Slammer Bammer.
I have broken down my collection into 4 catagories.
Original = original eps as they aired originally
USA = United States broadcast version, which are highly edited down to half hour eps with an added laugh track
Rebroadcast = eps without the original music that were rebroadcast from 2006 on up.
Restored music - episodes that have the wolfman music re-added or replaced.
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Ep# Hilarious House of Frightenstein HHOF intro Hilarious House of Frightenstein HHOF zany zoo Hilarious House of Frightenstein HHOF notes original USA re - broad rest music
2 Smokey Robinson & Miracles - Tears of a Clown
Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime
Igor with garden hose around neck (matamata) side neck turtle   thermal pipes pt2 / compressional waves          
3 George Harrison - Sweet Lord
Mike Nesmith - Silver Moon
Igor with a fish on his nose boa constrictor   nature provides / thermal pipes pt3          
4 Dawn - Knock Three Times
Mike Nesmith - Silver Moon
Igor covered in confetti (jolly green giant's cigar ashes) scarlet macaw parrot   Paradox of Thinking, Rene Descartes / Bernoulli principal   VCD quality      
5 Simon & Garfunkel - Cecilia Igor does a rain dance with a rattle hamsters none spring scale   VCD quality      
6 The Kinks - Ape Man Igor with a yellow pale & a fish net groundhog / woodchuck walaby spring scale pt2 / ball on a string   VCD quality      
7 Bread - Let Your Love Go Igor holding a 'horrific-wig-fall' box tagu lizard hyena ball on a string (explained)   VCD quality      
8 Jerry Reed - Amos Moses Igor holding a yellow raincoat , styrofoam cooler & a sandwich black indigo snake   the stick which did not tip          
9 Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden Igor with a raincoat over his head & wearing an "idiot" button on his shirt a budgie (bird)\   inertia with a beaker of water / objects rolling up & down an incline appearance of boris the venus fly-trap plant        
10 Neil Diamond - Cracklin Rosie Igor with a raincoat around his neck (boat in the moat) squirrel monkey   inertia + rolling up & down an incline continued          
11 Vanity Fair - Hitchin a Ride Igor holding a raincoat & a bar of soap (in the rain washing his hare) gerbils (mongolian mice)   pythagoras theory intro          
12 Three Dog Night - Joy to the World Igor holding 6 yellow buckets & a band-aid on his head golden pheasant baboon cycloidal paths & driving a straw thru a potato   VCD quality      
13 The Osmonds - One Bad Apple Igor holding a raincoat & a box "rain direction finder" corn snake antelope milk or cream is heavier & Newton's law 2nd appearance of boris the fly-trap VCD quality      
14 Knock Three Times - Dawn Igor repairing the the limo, "rolls can hardly" small mouth salamander kuka bird wheels that are not round / inertia cont   VCD quality      
15 Wadsworth Mansion - Sweet Mary Igor holding a big hockey stick eastern spotted turtle   inertia revisited          
17 White Plains - My Baby Loves Lovin Igor holding a steering wheel, racing the sports car black rat snake brown bear pins & stoppers revisited boris appearance VCD quality      
18 Assembled Multitude - Theme From Tommy Igor holding a golf club, walking in the rain spider monkey hornbill tower of pizza   VCD quality      
20 Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Igor weraing a bathing cap in the birdbath miniature donkey tucan the 3 holed can   VCD quality      
21 Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime Igor watering his raincoat, standing in the moat boxer dog (Igor only) mot mot the 3 holed can revisited   VCD quality DVD quality    
22 Diana Ross - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Westbound #9 - Flaming Embers
Igor walking his pet fish in the moat blandings turtle   cartesian diver     DVD quality    
23 Alive and Kickin - Tighter Tighter Igor wears a raincoat to bed, in case the roof leaks abyssinian cat caby the ball & the ring boris appearance VCD quality      
24 Blanchard Morgan - Tennessee Birdwalk Igor wearing an idiot button, testing his waterpill eastern king snake
(chain snake)
cockatile ball & ring revisited, expansions in metal   VCD quality DVD quality    
25 George Harrison - What is Life Igor with a box of jello powder for the moat bedlington terrier none push of the air (suction cups)   VCD quality      
26 Brian Highland - Gypsy Woman Igor trying to drown a fish spotted salamander polar bear bob on a string (pendulum) boris appearance VCD quality      
27 Canned Heat - Let's Work Together Igor with a water jug, watering the rocks bull mastif   bob on a string revisited          
28 Chicago - 25 or 6 To 4 Igor with a toolbox & fishnet, ice fishing bouvier des flandres dog platypus ball and 2 strings   VCD quality      
29 Tommy James & The Shondells - Gettin' Together Igor judges a beauty contest fox snake   8 balls on a track          
30 Smith — Baby It's You Igor with a mop and bucket kuvasz dog   mathematics of the right circular cone          
31 Jackson 5 - ABC Igor in the village drinking "un-dracola" red fox   bernoull - velocity & pressure in a constriction          
32 Mary Hopkin - Those Were the Days Igor with a box of "soap for washing animals in a moat" siberian huskey   2 croquet balls          
33 Arthur Conley - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Igor outside testing the doorbell bunnie rabbit (arnold) muskrat bernoulli - crushing cans / toy cars   VCD quality      
34   Igor outside taking a nap in the rain brussels griffin dog   bernoulli - streams of air, lifting a ball          
35   Igor with a rake, outside weeding the garden wooley monkey   bernoulli - ball & funnel, curve ball, flag flutter (lab assistant)          
36   Igor wearing goggles, holding a steering wheel, driving the convertable in the rain american alligator   blowing bubbles with a "T" tube          
37   Igor plowing the fields, growing spaghetti snapping turtle   T tube bubble revisited, spinning candle Gronk, HWB        
38   Igor out fixing the roof with a sledge hammer, wearing a hardhat skipper king dog   candles revisited, falling candle Gronk, HWB        
39 Tommy Roe - Heather Honey Igor outside painting the castle rat (white & hooded rats)   candles & tubes, cigarettes Gronk, HWB        
40 B.J. Thomas - Hooked on a Feeling Igor fishing with a baseball glove whippet dog (Igor only)   mono moloecular layer of water          
41 The Hollies - Jennifer Eccles Igor with a yellow pale eastern spiney softshell turtle   bugs, centimeter,dyne, cloth sacks Gronk, HWB        
42 Classics IV - Everyday with you Girl Igor wearing a life gaurd hat welsh terrier dog   volume of cloth, gizmo & a belt Gronk, HWB(x2)        
43 The Spiral Starecase - More Today Than Yesterday Igor dredging the moat with the sloth collie dog   center of gravity, 10lb stick Gronk        
44 Desmond Dekker - Israelites Igor wearing big glasses. Says he was reading a book on the deck Raccoon   Center of Gravity of a donut Gronk, HWB        
45 Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash! Igor wearing goggles on his head, holding a steering wheel carin terrier dog   galvanometer Gronk        
46 The Cowsills - Indian Lake Igor holding a steering wheel, driving in the rain canary bird   none Gronk, HWB, GSB        
47 The Monkees - It's Nice to Be With You Igor in a footcast & crutch "borzoi" russian wolfhound dog   electrostatic rubber rod & papper wads GSB, Boris        
48 Beatles - All You Need is Love Igor with a steering wheel, chasing a water sprinkler guinea pig timber wolf electrophorus GSB, Gronk, HWB, Diet Dracola VCD quality      
49 Three Dog Night - Celebrate Igor holding a book; "Transylvania who's who" belgium sheep dog camel electrostatics, ben franklin GSB, HWB VCD quality      
50   Igor holding a steering wheel, checking the brakes tortise shell cat   round aluminum plate & magnetics GSB, HWB        
51   Igor hiding in the moat dalmation dog   faraday; magnetic field around a bowl of water with floating needles thru styrofoam GSB        
52 Eric Burden and the Animals - Sky Pilot Igor outside watching a werewolf fishing in the moat minah bird monkey bowing metal plates (3 square & 2 round) Gronk, HWB, GSB VCD quality      
53 Tommy James & The Shondells - Sweet Cherry Wine Igor holding a native raindance rattle newfoundland dog   vibrating chladni plates (conts from prev missing episode #52) Gronk, HWB, GSB        
54   Igor bar-b-qing in the rain irish setter (Igor only)   doppler effect Gronk, HWB, GSB        
55 The Archies - Bang Shang A Lang Igor with jolly green giant cigar ashes on him scottish deerhound dog   music from vibrating bars GSB. HWB        
56 Joe South - Games People Play Igor holding a shopping bag "its fun to shop at the frankenstone emporium" caiman (looks like a baby croc) ferret gravitation; 2 bodies on same horizontal level Gronk, HWB, GSB DVD quality      
57 Isley Brothers - It's Your Thing Igor with a cheque book afghan hound (Igor only) walaby elastic properties of some things ;bouncing steel ball GSB. HWB DVD quality      
59   Igor borrowed a cup of sugar miniature schnauzer   projectile motion; bouncing ball in a moving cart Gronk, HWB, GSB        
60 Ohio Express - Mercy
CCR - Proud Mary
Igor with a case of dracola empties florida water snake   projectile motion; monkey & the hunter Gronk, HWB, GSB        
61   Igor holding a picnic lunch basket wired haired daschund (Igor only)   heat & temperature; 2 potatoes GSB. HWB        
62   Igor out with the elephants leopard frog   friction; rope loops around a cylinder GSB. HWB, Boris        
63 Spanky & Our Gang - Give a Damn
Andy Kim - Shoot 'Em Up, Baby
Igor with a can of oil, oiling the draw-bridge old english sheep dog none bernoulli; t-tube + blue can crushed & fixed, revisited GSB. HWB
riff cameo during Igor bumper
DVD quality      
64 Mark Lindsay - Silver Bird
Bobby Sherman - The Drum
Igor holding a yard stick marbled salamanders   bernoulli; boiling a can then crushing with cold water Gronk, HWB, GSB        
65 Fifth Dimension - Age of Aquarius
Original Caste - Mr. Monday
Igor with a ladder & bucket outside washing the windows saint bernard   crushed can revisited / simple harmonic motion GSB, HWB(x2)        
66 Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints
Diana Ross - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Igor says "sunny days are coming" florida king snake   faraday; electromagnetic induction Gronk, HWB, GSB        
67   Igor with a vaudville straw hat, hail broke his teeth keeshond dog from holland   boiling water near the point of freezing GSB. HWB        
68   Igor puts a new filtration plant in the moat (the sloth) 3 toed box turtle   :"convection in liquids" heats a square glass frame with food colouring in it Gronk(x2), GSB        
69   Igor in the village doing errands, acting responsible pyrenean mountain dog   why the earth is flattened at the poles, law of kepler Gronk, HWB, GSB        
70 Rolling Stones - Street Fightin' Man Igor tricking bumble bees grey tree frog   guvenor Gronk, HWB, GSB
Brucie moves
71 1910 Fruitgum Company - 1, 2, 3, Redlight Igor taking driving lessons german sheppard dog (Igor only)   center of gravity with a stick & a weight GSB. HWB(x2)        
72   Igor collecting rain water samples everglades snake   pascal's paradox Gronk(x3), HWB, GSB        
73   Igor with a shopping cart (sings thru) coon hound (Igor only)   pascal's paradox cont Gronk, HWB, GSB        
74 The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions Igor 'test snoring a waterbed' - sleeping in the moat persian cat (truncated intro) 2 toed sloth dilemma of 3 identical cans
(1 silver, 1 black, 1 absestos covered)
Gronk, GSB. Boris DVD quality      
75 Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday Igor down in the village 'pour-chasing' 32 tooth brushes hungarian puli (dog) hedgehog
dilemma of 3 identical cans continued GSB, HWB (count mentions dracola diet pepsi) DVD quality      
76   Igor taking a bath in the moat, waiting for a phone call musk turtle   Euclid's mathematics GSB. HWB        
77 The Cowsills - Silver Threads and Golden Needles Igor outside jumping & screaming to scare away the elephants bulldog (Igor only)   all discs roll alike          
78 CCR - Lookin' Out My Back Door Igor talking to a beggar at the gates blue spotted salamander   all discs beat all hoops Gronk, HWB, GSB        
79 CCR - Green River Igor holding plastic binoculars, watching the sloth play horse-shoes german short-haired pointer (dog)   blocks of wood sliding down a board GSB. HWB(x2)        
801 Electric Indian - Keem-O-Sabe Igor holding 'super scare popcorn', out watching zorro movie texas indigo snake   spinning football Gronk(x2), HWB, GSB        
81 Beatles - Get Back Igor puts shark remover in the moat
yorkshire terrier dog (Igor only) rattle snake "doing business with a stick" end of the stick ran away from the ball Gronk, GSB. HWB(x2) VCD quality      
82 Moody Blues - Ride My Seesaw Igor at the grocery store, running errands texas gopher tortoise   loop the loop Gronk, GSB        
83 Brooklyn Bridge - Worst that can Happen Igor got caught in the rain, screen door was locked basenji dog   principals of conservation of angular momentum (2 balls on strings) Gronk, GSB VHS SP      
84 Donovan - There is a Mountain Igor singing in the rain "let a smile be your umbrella" siamese (seal point) cat   baseball & bat Gronk(x2), GSB, Brucie        
85 The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup Igor out moat jumping english cocker spaniel dog   seashells & tin cans Gronk(x2), GSB. HWB(x2)        
86   Igor at the general store eastern garter snake   singing pipes (lab assisant) Gronk, GSB. HWB, Igor Sullivan show        
87   Igor wearing clothes pins, outside hanging the laundry great dane dog (Igor only)   spinning a bicycle wheel Gronk, GSB. HWB(x2)        
88   Igor outside listening to the rain, holding a grama-phone horn star tortoise   case of the can with 2 holes & a little sam Gronk(x2), GSB. HWB        
89   Igor outside surfing with a surfboard welsh corgy dog (Igor only)   van de graaff generator, wonderful things with electric charges GSB. HWB(x2)        
90 Derek - Cinnamon Igor with a hammer & saw, building a water-trough for the sloth standard schnauzer dog (truncated intro)
  pythagoras triangle Gronk, GSB        
91 Bee Gees - Got to Get a Message to You Igor with a steering wheel & blue hat, "driving the convertable with the top down" eastern box turtle   yellow disc, cycloidal paths GSB. HWB(x2) VHS SP      
92   Igor outside playing tennis saluki dog from arabia   2 vessels, milk & cream / newton's 1st law with a hammer & handle Gronk, GSB. HWB        
93 Tommy James & The Shondells - Crimson and Clover Igor putting soap in the moat bermese cat   wheels that are not round Gronk, GSB. HWB(x2)        
94   Igor at the corner store, swapping short stories labrador retriever (Igor only)   inertia with a block of wood & paper cups Gronk, GSB        
95   Igor preparing for dinner pug dog   mirror images / center of gravity (corks & forks) GSB. HWB        
96 Building My Whole World Around You Igor outside playing billards black squirrel   stopper pins & forks revisited (corks & forks) Gronk, GSB librarian falls down        
97 Friend and Lover - Reach Out of the Darkness Igor playing baseball with the montreal expos american cocker spaniel otter tower of pisa/center of gravity/newtons law Gronk, Brucie's eye opens. DVD quality      
98 George Harrison - Sweet Lord Igor did a door to door survey green turtle leopard elasticity of glass   DVD quality      
99   Igor at the corner store norwich terrier dog (Igor only)   case of the 3 holed can Gronk, GSB        
100 Jerry Reed - Amos Moses Igor outside by the stream, with a fishnet mandarin ducks puma 3 holed can continued Gronk(x2), GSB VCD quality      
101   Igor does an indian rain dance with a rattle gerbils / mongolian mice   the stick that would not tip          
103   Igor outside in the rain washing his hare groundhog / woodchuck   inertia continued (kicking blue boxes)          
104   Igor outside preparing the limosine eastern king snake / chain snake   cartesian diver Boris/Igor Sullivan Show        
105   Igor outside walking in the rain miniature donkey   more on inertia / paper cups & a block of wood (stump) Igor's good news show/the edge of fright        
106   Igor out in the moat walking his pet fish abyssinian cat   corks & forks II / tower of pizza map of the castle        
107   Igor outside in the rain testing his water pill eastern spotted turtle   corks & forks III / tower of pizza/ newton's 1st law of motion count sings "on" instead of "thru"        
108 Brian Hyland - Gypsy Woman Igor putting jello in the moat red fox   bob on a string          
109   Igor outside trying to drown a fish fox snake   bob on a string explained          
110   Igor in the village judging a beauty contest kubaz dog   case of the ball and 2 strings Igor was in "frankenstone village"        
111   Igor outside taking a nap in the rain snapping turtle   candle in a tube. cigarette & thermal conducting Gronk, HW        
112   Igor with a steering wheel, outside driving the convertable in the rain eastern spiny soft-shell turtle   surface tension of water, 1 molecule thick (lil bug story) Gronk        
113   Igor fixing the roof (hard hat & sledgehammer) welsh terrier   lil bug continued, volume of 2 sacks Gronk, HW        
114   Igor with a yellow pail, out washing a pizza whippet dog (Igor only)   sack volume cont, gizmo & a belt Gronk, HWB        
115 all you need is love Igor outside driving a car, chasing a water-sprinkler truck dalmation dog   electrostatics, pith balls & rubber rod GSB. HWB(x2)        
116 jumpin jack flash Igor driving the convertable in the rain tortoise shell pursian cat   electrophorus GSB. HWB(x2)        
117 nice to be with you Igor doing a rain dance canary bird   electrostatics / ben franklin Gronk, GSB. HWB        
118   Igor outside bbq-ing in the rain scottish deer-hound dog   doppler effect Gronk, GSB        
119 the archies Igor covered in cigar ashes (jolly green giant's cigar) caimen (baby croc)   vibrating resonant bars on boxes GSB. HWB        
120   Igor shopping in the village, sleeping on a stove (holding a bag "frightenstone emporium") Igor only - afghan hound   projectile motion (ball in a car) Gronk, GSB. HWB, Boris        
121   Igor at the bank, holding a cheque book mini schauzer   monkey & the hunter GSB. HWB(x2)        
122   Igor with a yard stick, measuring rainfall (17,824 ft) keeshund dog (Igor only)   speed guvenor Gronk, HWB(x2_        
123 Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints Igor in the village, "sunny days are coming" grey tree frog   center of gravity with a stick & a weight Gronk, GSB. Boris
Igor sings 'thru'
124   Igor doing errands, being responsible st bernard   pascal's paradox Gronk, GSB. HWB(x2)        
125   Igor with a shopping cart from the supermarket german shrt haired pointer 2 toed sloth thing that roll (all discs roll alike) Gronk, GSB        
126 ruby tuesday Igor in the village pourchasing 36 tooth brushes "coon" hound (blood hound?) (Igor only)   things that roll II HWB, GSB librarian falls down        
127 silver threads & golden needles Igor outside jumping & screaming, scaring the elephants persian cat (truncated intro)   blocks sliding on wooden board (football question truncated) Gronk, HWB(x2)
Igor sings 'thru'
128 ccr - green river Igor with binoculars, watching the 3 toed sloth playing horse-shoes hungarian puli dog (teeza)   continues rotating football question GSB. HWB(x2)
brucie is 800 yrs old
129   Igor out caught in the rain , screen door joke star tortoise   singing pipes (lab assisant) GSB. HWB        
130   Igor at the general store (wise old man) english cocker spaniel   bicycle wheel on a rope Gronk, GSB. HWB        
131   Igor wearing clothes pegs , hanging laundry basenji dog (Igor only)   pythagoras triangle GSB. HWB        
132 tommy james - crimson & clover Igor putting soap in the moat black squirrel   yellow disc, cycloidal paths & driving a straw thru a potato GSB. HWB        
133 marvin gaye - build my whole world around you Igor wearing scuba gear, playing billiards on a "pool" table eastern box turtle   milk or cream is heavier & Newton's law Gronk, GSB        
134   Igor outside preparing for dinner, wetting his appetite norwich terrier (Igor only)   elasticity of glass (squeezing a flask) GSB. HWB        
135   Igor outside by the stream, with a fishnet bermese cat (porcha)   case of the 3 holed can Gronk, HWB
(grizelda destroys her set)