Alice Cooper '11

12/10/2011......Warner Theater, Erie, PA

This was kind of a special show for me. First time since 2002 that I went to a show with both my son and my daughter. It was an early xmas present for both of them from me.
It was also, only the 2nd concert I had ever seen at this venue. The first one, also being Alice, back in 1999. Which was also the first show I ever took my son to.

Uneventful drive in. No problem parking. Got right into the venue. Then we looked around and checked the place out. Ran into our neighbors there too. My son got a kick out of buying his sister a drink for the first time. As she had just turned 21 a little over a month before.
Eventually we got to our seats to check out the opening act.

I'd never heard of Livan before (and haven't really heard anything about him since either).
But I liked the show.

01. Happy Returns
02. Little White Lies
03. Sad
04. Meet Me on the Other Side
05. Trilogy of Pain
06. King of the World
07. Undead
08. Black Cherry
35 minutes



Alice Cooper
01. The Black Widow (with intro)
02. Brutal Planet
03. I'm Eighteen
04. Under My Wheels
05. Billion Dollar Babies
06. No More Mr. Nice Guy
07. Hey Stoopid
08. Is It My Body
09. Halo of Flies
10. Drum solo
11. I'll Bite Your Face Off
12. Muscle of Love 'guitar solo
13. Only Women Bleed
14. Cold Ethyl
15. Feed My Frankenstein
16. Clones (We're All)
17. Poison
18. Wicked Young Man
19. Killer & I Love the Dead (excerpt only)
20. School's Out
21. Elected
95 minutes



To sum it all up, I would have to say that Alice is still one of the best stage presences I have ever seen.