Halestorm 2015

09-29-2015 Packard Music Hall

I was psyched when this show was announced. Not only was it a band I have really been wanting to see, but it was only about an hour away!
Didn't matter that it was a week night.
Didn't matter that I'd never been there before and didn't really know where it was.
All that mattered was I finally was going to see Halestorm!

Drive down wasn't bad. I did take a wrong turn on the way, and ended up getting there in a bit of a round-about manner.
(why is it always dark and raining when I am trying to get to a strange venue?)
That meant I was running a bit behind and the parking lot was pretty full, so I had a bit of an issue there, but nothing real bad.

The venue itself is kind of small, but nice.
It felt large and fancy even though it was really small inside.

Here is the front.
Halestorm Halestorm
More about venue here
And here is where I was for most of the show. I could have gotten closer, but I had a good view from here, and the sound was nice in this area.
Closer and most of the sound from those stacks went by you so it was harder to hear.


Now, on to the show iteself. As is usual with these smaller venue shows, no pyro or anything like that. Nice light show, and I think there might have been a little smoke. The band did well with the space on the stage. The piano being on wheels helped a lot. Bring it out when needed, but then push it back in the corner when not. The acoustic portion was fun. Especially when they were all sitting around in the front and RJ was using a drum box. A lot of banter between them, and with the audience. Very inviting, and did a good job of getting the crowd into an intimate feel. I also liked the song selection for the acoustic portion.
Especially 'Rock Show' and 'Girl Crush'.
The sound was really good. A little echo-y but not bad considering the high ceilings and such.
The crowd was great. Really into it and a little rowdie. Just wish there wouldn't have been so many people talking while I was trying to hear the music.


01. Intro
02. Beautiful With You
03. Rock Show
04. I Get Off
05. What Sober Couldn't Say
06. Girl Crush (Little Big Town cover)
07. Freak Like Me
08. Mz Hyde
34 minutes  


Wasn't all that long between sets.
Enough to go out for a smoke and sit on the steps and relax a little bit.
Then time for the main show!


01. Sick Individual
02. Apocalyptic
03. Scream
04. I Am the Fire
05. Unapologetic
06. Amen
07. Love Bites (So Do I)
08. Bad Girl's World
09. Jump the Gun
10. I Like it Heavy
11. The Reckoning
12. speach
13. Dear Daughter
14. New Modern Love
15. Drum Solo
16. Mayhem
17. It's Not You
18. Here's to Us
19. I Miss the Misery
97 minutes  

Ok. First thing I have to mention. This show was loud!
Not the painful kind of loud, but the perfect kind of loud.
It was so loud you could feel the music. But not so loud that anything was distorted. It was nice and clean and clear.
The sound guy nailed it perfectly!

Nice mix with the songs. Good balance of rockers and slower stuff so the audience could recover a bit but still keep everyone engaged.
Some of the highlights were Scream, Amen, Dear Daughter, Here's to Us.
There was a lot of fun interplay and goofing around between the band members. Really made it feel more festive.

Then it was all over.
Short walk to my car. Short wait to get out, and I was on the road. Home before midnight.

Looking forward to seeing more shows at this venue.