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Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling

07/26/2016......Warner Theater, Erie, PA

This was supposed to be a show that my wife and I would enjoy, but she ended up sick and not being able to go.
I also couldn't find anyone else to go, so I went solo.
I've always enjoyed her music so I was stoked for this show. Especially since I finally got myself balcony seats!
I was dead center.
For some reason they were wanding people going in, and there were big signs about no cameras and no photography.
They still let me in with my camera though, and the wand never picked up my recorder.

Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling
Like I said, I had good seats!

Carah Faye
?? minutes

The opener just wasn't my thing. I'm sure she wasn't bad, but I really don't do that pop music stuff. So, after a couple songs I left my seat and wandered the venue.
Sitting in the comfortable couches in the halls, getting a drink, going out for a smoke. I managed to kill the time no problem.


Lindsey Stirling
The Arena
Moon Trance
Video Game Medley
Song of the Caged Bird
Take Flight
Something Wild
Where Do we Go
Roundtable Rival
Stars Align
Shatter Me

Beyond the Veil
Phantom of the Opera
92 minutes

Finally time for the headliner.
Wasn't sure what to expect from her show, but I loved it!
A lot of stuff projected on screens. Either in the back of the stage, or clear screens in the front. Plus props on the stage.
And the other dancers to play out some of the stuff in the songs. It was really great.
The only bummer (sort of) was the ushers were super-militant about no video recording. They were all over anyone with a phone out at the beginning of the show. Very annoying and intrusive.
But, after everyone got the idea, it was kind of nice to just watch the show, and not be distracted by everyone's phone screens.
But, as such, I didn't get very many pics.

Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling