Uproar 2012

Uproar Festival 2012
Uproar Festival 2012

09/09/2012 - Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls OH

Here is the quick summary for those not interested in the full review.
Click pics for info and seltlists for each band.
First 2 bands
Didn't see them, as I was still getting inside, and waiting out the rain.
Uproar Festival 2012 Within Reason
Loved these guys. Never heard them before, but I was really feeling the vibe.
Uproar Festival 2012 Mindset Evolution
Pretty good. I had no expectations going in, and they kept my attention.
Nice tempo to the music, and they had great energy. The way the singer was
throwing CDs out to the crowd, I though he was going to take someone's head off.
Uproar Festival 2012 Candlelight Red
Eh. They weren't bad, but I was hoping for more. They had good energy,
and the music wasn't bad, but for some reason, it just didn't work for me.
Uproar Festival 2012 Thousand Foot Krutch
Loved these guys. Didn't know any of thier songs but had a blast.
They were fun, entertaining, and the music was great.
Skipped them. I new from checking videos that it wasn't my kind of music, and I
needed to go to the bathroom.
Did catch the last half of the last song, and they had the crowd rocking.
Uproar Festival 2012 Redlight King
Didn't really like it. Kept waiting for it to be over with.
Uproar Festival 2012 Fozzy
Didn't really care for their music, but they were fun to watch.
Really worked the crowd and looked like they were having a blast.
Uproar Festival 2012 POD
Not really a fan. Was expecting more stuff like their hits, and that isn't what they played.
They put on a good show, and were really intense, just didn't care for it.
Uproar Festival 2012 Adelitas Way
Young, high energy, with some good tunes. They need a little polish yet though.
Uproar Festival 2012 Staind
Love their music. Thought their live show was pretty good.
Their spot on the line-up didn't leave them much for a stage show. And the singer
didn't move around a lot. But man can he sing.
Uproar Festival 2012 Godsmack
They kicked ass!
Never seen them do anything live before, not even videos.
So I had no idea what to expect. They nailed it though. Rocked the place.
And I really liked how the singer didn't spend a lot of time talking to the crowd, but he
gave them a lot of direction with gestures and facial expressions.
Didn't see them.
I was cold, tired, sore, and I had already seen them before. So I left early to beat the crowd,
and not sit in the parking lot / traffic for an hour.

Ok, now, for those interested in more information.
Here is the full review of the day, the venue, and the show.
When this show was first announced, I jumped at it because of Papa Roach, plus I wanted to see
some of the other bands.
Well, if you notice, Papa Roach isn't on the list of bands. They had to back out of the tour
because of vocal problems with their singer.
When that was announced, I considered selling my ticket.

Overall, I was glad I went, but it was close.
The drive in was a breeze. No problems at all.
Got their early, and ended up parked waaaaaay out in the field. So I had a long walk in the hot sun.
And I was wearing a jean jacket with a sweatshirt underneath. (supposed to get cold).
Then, when I got up to the gate, they still weren't letting people in yet. So I sat around and waited.
Even after all that, I was still upbeat and looking forward to the day.

Got in, and looked everything over. Found one thing that surprised me.
They didn't just have a 2nd stage, they had two small stages in the side lot.
Which worked well, as that left no down time between groups. Go to one stage, watch
the band. Then shift over to the stage beside it, to watch the next band.
Went and grabbed a $5 bottle of Coke and on my way back it started to rain.
So I took cover and waited for it to clear.

Still enjoying the day. The rain cleared pretty quick, and I got over to the side lot just in time
for Within Reason. Here is where things start to get a little screwy.
I went into this show with a few expectaions. I was looking forward to seeing
POD, Redlight King, Candlelight Red, and possibly Fozzy.
Which were all bands playing towards the end of the 2nd stage sets.
Instead, I loved 3 out of the first 4 bands. The ones I really knew nothing about.
That got my hopes up.
Which was wrong. As I was disappointed with most of the bands I wanted to see.

So, now we are off to the main stage.
Get my seat down in the pavilion. Great spot. Nice and close, I'm on the aisle so I'm
not squished between people, this is gonna be great.
That's what I though.
Until Adelitas Way came out, and were so loud I could barely understand the lyrics.
It was so loud, I could feel every note, chord, and verse.
Ok, maybe it's just the band. I've been to shows before where one band is just way
louder than the rest.
Staind was the same way.
I don't think the volume was out of the ordinary for this venue. I think it was my location.
Where I was located, the big hanging stack on that side, was pretty much pointing straight at me.
To top it off, on the other side of me is a very drunk couple. They're staggering around.
Barely able to stand up for short periods of time before falling back into their chairs,
or lurching over the chair in front of them.

So, by now, I've got a big head-ache coming on. I'm not having fun.
I thought about calling it a night. It was getting cold, and my coats weren't helping much now.
I've already seen Shinedown. I've seen them play all their hits, except the new ones, and I'm
not really excited about those. I haven't seen them headline though. Also, I was sort of
interested in checking out Godsmack. Not super into the new stuff, but I love their old stuff.
Boy am I glad I stayed for them. They about blew the roof off the place.

After that, I decided to call it a night. End on a definite high note.
Seems I wasn't the only one. There were quite a few people heading for the gates when I left.
Of course, my fun wasn't over yet.
Had some trouble finding my car. And of course, by the time I got out to my car, it was raining.
Not hard, but enough to be a nuisance