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INDEX Index to my built kits. For those who don't want to browse the pages. 12/31/17
DINOSAUR MODELS The section for my non-Prehistoric Scenes dino kits 05/05/13
HUMOR & S/D Finished humorous type kits 12/31/17
IRON MAIDEN An index of the Iron Maiden Eddie kits, with pics of my build-ups 12/31/17
MONSTER MODELS Finished horror, monsters, and misc kits 12/31/17
GODZILLA KITS Finished Godzilla models 03/17/17
FEMALE MODELS Finished girl kits 03/17/17
OTHER KITS Finished kits that don't fit in the other catagories 05/28/17
SHOWS Pictures and reviews of the modeling shows I have been to 06/26/16
ON THE BENCH This page has my in progress photos 12/31/17
My Model Collection A list of the kits that I own, but haven't built yet 12/31/17
MY DAUGHTER'S KITS A section for all my daughter's kits 06/02/13
WHERE I KEEP MY KITS Pictures of my display area and storage 12/24/18
Help, FAQ, and Guides
These are pages that I think may be helpful to some
HOW TO Some demos on how-to do things 06/06/10
OUT OF THE BOX A place for all my OOB reviews 12/31/16
BUFFY KITS A guide to what Buffy and related kits that have been produced 12/31/16
DISNEY MODELS A guide to the Haunted Mansion and POTC kits 12/26/09
HEAVY METAL KITS A guide to the Aurora Monster Scenes 12/31/16
GRAVEYARD SCENES A guide to the Graveyard Scenes line of kits and bases 06/27/15
MONSTER SCENES A guide to the Aurora Monster Scenes 04/09/16
STYRENE KAIJU KITS A guide to what is out there as far as platic Godzilla type kits 11/14/10
Styrene Kit Companies A page with link to companies currently producing kits 09/07/15
History of the Clubhouse A little walk down memory lane 09/05/09
MYSTERY MACHINE TOUR A project that some of us old PLBB members participated in  
INJECTION MOLDING For those who are intersted in how styrene kits are made  
LINKS PAGE Some useful and interesting links 01/05/13