UPDATED 05/25/09
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This is Britny's 1st model. I had scored all 3 of the Gigantics kits (mantis, tarantula, and scorpion). Britny had really been wanting to try a model, but couldn't find anything she liked. As soon as she saw me open the box with those 3 kits, her eyes lit up. She really wanted to do this model. I was unsure about her doing this for her first kit. It was a glue together plus, I had heard that the fit wasn't the greatest. After thinking about it for about a day, I decided why not, she had to start somewhere.

We started off going over the instruction sheet. I showed her how to check to make sure all the parts were there. Then we started putting things together. She would take things off the sprue and test fit them. I would then do any trimming needed, glue it, and wrap with rubber bands to hold it. After a couple of parts, I let her try gluing things like the tail and pinchers. Over all, this kit wasn't bad, except for the legs. The model comes with a little stand to set it on to make putting the legs on easier. Pretty good idea, and it did help, but the biggest problem is that the legs don't fit very well against the body. Had to do a little re-working to make all the legs match up ok.

While we were working on the assembly, we also painted the buildings. First we gave them a primer coat of gray. Then I spray painted the buildings the color that Britny wanted. Same thing with the scorpion after it was done. After that, she added all the other touches with nail polish. She didn't want to use my paints, she wanted to use her nail polish. She figured she'd been painting her nails with it for a couple of years, so why not use it for her model. I couldn't think of a good reason not too and the results are there for you to see. She likes it and I told her that that is all that matters. As long as she is happy with her work, don't worry about what anyone else says. As a matter of fact, she liked it so much, she let me enter it in the Polar Lights Summer Heat contest in 2000. She didn't win, but she was really tickled to see her model in a contest.

For those that are familiar with this kit, you might notice quite a bit missing. For those that don't know, this comes with a whole bunch of scale figures to go with the scene. Britny didn't want to bother with them, so they are sitting in my parts box now. The cardboard base and backdrop really help to make this kit. Although a full plastic base would have been nicer, for the price this is great. Especially since Britny had fun with it and has moved on to doing more kits, which is great. I'ts so much more fun having someone in the house to share my hobby with,

Britny's Recount:
It seems so long ago that I remember my dad helping me build my first model kit. I remember being so excited when he sat me down and started explaining everything as I was looking through the parts. He took it all apart and started showing me how it all went together, and explaining how to read the instruction sheet.

He glued some of it together to show me how it was done, and it was a while ago, so he could correct me on this, but I seem to remember throwing a small fit when I became frustrated that he wasn't letting me do it myself. After a bit of me putting the kit together, I passed it back to him for some help with parts that weren't fitting the way I wanted to, and became more frustrated with the glue on my fingers.

Around that time, I was feeling a little discouraged. Looking back, it doesn't surprise me since building isn't my favorite part even now. But once it was all together, and dry, I got to pick out some pretty colors that I liked to paint it, and that cheered me right up.

I'm not quite sure where I got the idea to use my nail polish to paint the rest, but I remember being so happy covering the kit in purple, green, and my glittery blue nailpolish. It may look a bit odd, and kind of funny, but for being ten years old, and it being my first model, I thought I was very creative, and I'm very happy and proud of my kit.