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UPDATED 02/28/15
Some of the styrene companies are going to, or have already produced some of these great kits again.


They are the ones who put out most of the line between 2008-2010.
All 8 of the original US kits plus the Giant Insect that was originally only released in Canada.
As well as the awesome store display.

monster scenes

They are supposed to be popping these 2 out sometime.

monster scenes
Other, sort-of reissues.
These don't really deserve a section of their own, but if you are checking out this page,
I figure I should at least mention them.

First we have the stuff from Revell. Who occasionally pop out reissues of the
MOTM Dracula. Which is actually the MS kit with a different base and no extra limbs.
You can see that, and other similar things on this page about Other Styrene Kits

Then of course, we have Dencomm. They have produced some new kits to go with the line.
And are working on bringing the Dungeon and Animal Pit to market.
Which is almost like a reissue, except those 2 kits never actually saw production from Aurora.


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