My Kaiju
Last Updated on: Sunday, July 04, 2021

Ok, thought it was time to break this page out on it's own.
I accumulate these kits much faster than I complete them, so the collection keeps growing.
But when you find them cheap, you need to snatch them up.
Back to the rest of my unbuilt kits.
Angiras West Kenji Vinyl
BiollanteBiollante sd
Godzilla Godzilla - GMK West Kenji Vinyl
Godzilla Godzilla vs Mothra Max Factory Vinyl
Rodan West Kenji Vinyl
Ghidorah Ghidorah bust Blackheart resin
Godzilla Godzilla bust Blackheart resin
Legendary Godzilla Legendary Godzilla bust Blackheart resin
Shin Godzilla Shin Godzilla bust Blackheart resin
King KongKong SI bustBlackheartresin
MinyaMinya bustBlackheartresin
MothraMothra bustBlackheartresin
RodanRodan bustBlackheartresin
Godzilla Godzilla shifter knob Jimmy Flintstone resin
GodzillaGodzilla bustJimmy Flintstoneresin
GodzillaGodzilla bustMike Swisstackresin
Godzilla Godzilla plaque Thunderboy resin
Godzilla Godzilla 64 sd Ultra-Ya Hobby Resin
Godzilla Godzilla 54 with train sd Takumi-Kobo Resin
Godzilla Godzilla Tiny Terror Mad Lab Resin
Godzilla Godzilla vs Monster X sd Image?? Resin
Godzilla Godzilla vs Mothra sd ?? Resin
Smog Monster Hedorah flying sd ?? Resin
King CeasarKing Ceasar
X-O Facto
Kong vs GodzillaKong vs Godzilla sd??Resin
Godzilla conceptStoutosaurusNagleworksResin
War of the GargantuasWar of the Gargantuas Tree Swing
Pestilence Labs
Ghidorah chibi Ghidorah Fujimi Styrene
Godzilla chibi Godzilla Fujimi Styrene
Mecha Godzilla chibi Mecha-Godzilla Fujimi Styrene
Giant Robot Bandai Styrene
  Godzilla Aurora - 1st ed Styrene
Godzilla Aurora - glow Styrene
Godzilla Polar Lights Styrene
Godzilla Polar Lights w/replacement head w/train Styrene / Resin
Godzilla Polar Lights w/replacement Gojira head Styrene / Resin
Godzilla Polar Lights with mouth inserts Styrene / metal
GodzillaGodzilla glow
GodzillaGodzilla glow
Atlantis with Escape Hatch replacement parts
Styrene / resin
GodzillaGodzilla glow
Atlantis with lighting parts
Styrene / resin
GodzillaGodzilla jeep
Polar Lights
Godzilla Big Polar Lights - green Styrene
Godzilla Big Polar Lights - white Styrene
Godzilla . byun byun Bandai styrene
styrene Ghidorah . byun byun Bandai styrene
Godzilla Gamera . byun byun Bandai styrene
Godzilla . Battra Bandai styrene
Godzilla . Ghidorah Bandai styrene
Marusan Godzilla Godzilla Marusan styrene
Gorgo Monarch Styrene
Gorgo Monarch Styrene
Gorgo & conversion set Monarch / Thunderboy Styrene / Resin
Gorgo - glow Monarch Styrene
godzilla model Mecha-Godzilla Bandai Styrene
ultraman model kit Baltanseizir Bandai Styrene
ultraman model kitGalamonBandaiStyrene
ultraman model kit Gomola Bandai Styrene
ultraman model kit Pegila Bandai Styrene
ultraman model kit Z-ton Bandai Styrene