Ok, here is my page about the best time I have had in a long time.

Me kicking back in our room between things going on

My 11 year old daughter Britny

Britny working on her kit from the Make-

Showing off her new kit

This next group of pics are a few things that caught my eye in the dealers room.
Not sure who makes what, or which tables they were on, but I thought they looked cool.
These are some of the great kits that caught my eye in the contest room. I really wish I would have brought more film.
If you see a kit that is yours, and you would like a copy of the pic, let me know. I have larger scans I can email.
A couple of personal highlights for me. I finally got to meet Dave Cockrum (pic on the left) and get an autographed
piece of his work (pic on the right). Also score a signed piece from Chris White.
Some of the goodies I brought home with me

The 3 badges I wore around durring the show

A patch for my jacket I got in the lounge on Friday night

My first resin kit.

Section of the flyer that list the dealers and their locations

I really have to take more pictures next year. After I got home, I thought of all kinds of pictures I should have taken.