Al had lots of cool stuff on the Python kits table


Some interesting stuff on this table though I don't know what any of the prices were.


Of course Randy and Gabe had lots of goodies too


So did Larry at Action Hobbies. Some nice cool new pieces.


Pinkerton had some interesting pieces as well


Cool stuff from Weiger / Timeslip (their tables are always together, and I never know whos is whos)


Cult, as always had some great stuff

New from Ultratumba

John always has lots of great zilla stuff for me to drool over

So does Alchemy. Almost got one of those ID monsters, but when I made my last pass through the room, the table was already packed up :(

These two from Scott were available on Dice's table.

I had a few more pics, but they didn't come out.
Sorry John, the pics of Resin Realities table were some of the casualties.
No shots of the new Kong by Mark Van Tine