Wonderfest DVDs
UPDATED 06/21/09

If you haven't heard about these yet, I am going to tell you about them now.
If you have heard about them, but you haven't gotten around to getting one yet, you should!

At WF 2006 a company called Led Belly Productions came out with a DVD of the 2005 WF convention.
I heard about it on the boards, and saw it for sale at the show. But it never grabbed one.
The idea interested me, but I really had doubts about how much they could cover. And I thought $20 was a little high for a fan-made video of the show.

Thankfully, someone gave me one Sunday night at WF.
I took it home and popped it in the DVD player when I got caught up on everything else.
These aren't just some simple fan made productions.
We are talking about professional quality editing and video.
And they really did capture the show on the disk.
I am talking about everything from set-up to tear-down of the dealers room.
Friday night Lizard's Lounge. Dealer's room opening.
Bits of the guest talks,
Coverage of the displays.
Interviews with people in the hobby/business. Producers, sculptors, guests, staff.
Oh, and did I mention they have video of every kit in the model contest?

All, high quality video. With great shots of the models (both finished and for sale on the dealers tables).
All inter-cut and mixed to keep things interesting thoughout the entire thing.
And the music selection really enhances the feeling of what you are seeing on the screen.

One of the first things on my list for the 2007 show, was grabbing the 2006 DVD.
It's even better than the first one!
More interviews, more contest coverage, more everything. It clocks in around 3 hours on a double sided disc.

If you have been to the show and want a keepsake. This is the thing to get.
If you have never been to the show but are thinking about it. Get one of these!
It's the next best thing to actually being there.

I have literally watched the 2005 disc dozens of times.
It's great for getting me in the mood to work on kits.
You know how psyched you are about getting started on your kits during and right after the show?
And how that kind of fades when you get home and the boring stuff like work, and honey-do lists start to sap the life out of you. Pop one of these in, and you start getting the buz going all over again!


Check the AFM site for the 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008 DVD.

They actually have a website now!
Led Belly Productions
Or you can
Email them.