Swamp Thing

UPDATED 04/21/07

swampthing swampthing
I went back and did a little more work to the base of this kit.
I plan on entering it in the contest at Wonderfest 07, so I wanted to punch things up a little.
I was going clean it up, and gloss the base a little.
Then I had a brainstorm. Thought maybe some perlescent medium would look good on the base.
It didn't. And it didn't want to come off. At least not with a little work, which also took some paint off.
So then I went over the base with some dark blue, thinned down.
Then over that was some real dark brown gel.
Then I gave it a gloss coat.
Here are the pics of the finished kit.
Not sure why it looks so glossy in some pics.
I did intentionally leave a few areas with a slight satin finish to give him the wet look.
Keep reading if you want to see some of the in-progress stuff from when I was working on the kit.
Well, this one has been in progress for a while now. I primered it brown. Then went over it with varying shades of browns, greens and greys.

I was moving right along until this happened

For some reason all the paint on the base started to blister. Guess I didn't get is washed good enough before I primered it.
So, I stripped off all the paint from the base, scrubbed it down real good, then primered it with some blue enamel paint.
Got back to work on it. Not too bad so far.

Still have to tone down the eyes a little bit, and do some more work on the base.