Where I Keep and Work on My Kits

Last Updated on: Sunday, June 20, 2022

In 2018, we moved. At the end of the year I finally got started on setting up my new work-space for my hobby.
To see where I worked, stored my kits, and displayed them before the move, go to the old page for that.

This is the new and improved set up.
For the foreseeable future, this section will be devoted to showing the progress of setting up my new workspace.
As well as setting up my new display space and kit storage.

So, join me, as I tranform this
My workshop into this My workshop

My workshop
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Dec 2018
First order of buisness was someplace for all my spray paint.
I don't airbrush yet, as I never had a dedicated work area.
So I have depended on spray paint for base coating and large area coverage.
It was first, so I could eliminate all the boxes of spray paint I already had.

As you can see, this provides plenty of storage, and makes it easy to find what I need.
Very bottom shelf is for gloss paints, the one above it is for my primers, and clear-flat.
Needed someplace to store lots of cans of the same color/type. Plenty of depth and storage.

The other 7 shelves allow me to see, store, and organize all the rest.
Sorted by color, with the metalics above. It even allows me to store all my other stuff for
regular household use. Like penetrating oil, grease, spray foam, spray glue, and caulking.
As well as specialty paints like high temp, rust inhibiting, and waterproofing.
My workbench
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Feb 2019
Next, I need a workbench to do the work on.
Here is how I built mine.
Kit storage
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Kit storage
Sept 2019
Kit storage.
Might be a bit premature, but I started unpacking some of my kits.

Nov 2019
Added some Monster Scenes storage.

April 2020
Added more unbuilt kit storage.

Jan 2021
Got an organizer to hold my replaement parts.
My workbench
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Dec 2019
Unpacking all my modeling supplies and getting them organized.

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Trick out the workbench, build a cart to hold my supplies, and a few other things.

updated 06/20/22
My workbench
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Late January 2021
Setting up my spray area.

Click image to go to the section detailing how I set everything up.
Build the bench, build the spray booth, vent it, and wire it all up.

updated 06/20/22
My display room
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Displaying My Kits
I have an entire room on the 2nd floor for me to do with as I please!
It will eventually be my display room to show off all my built kits.

It's going to take a lot of work so follow me on my journey as I turn it into something special.
Updated Sept 6 2021