Kurt Christensen

Here is a real treat. When he started sending me pictures,
I was just blown away at the work he has done on these kits.

sailback reptile
08/26/12 The latest beauty from Kurt.
His dimetrodon with custom base
Woolly Mammoth
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PS contest entry
1/18/09 - added this link to his contest page
Armored Dino
Additional photo, not on contest page.
"This one represents how I want the
kit to look when I get my large
customized Jungle Swamp completed"
giant bird
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triceratops triceratops
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Woolly Mammoth
6/20/10 - added pics of Kurt's collection
(click image to see more)
Neanderthal Man Neanderthal Man
Allosaurus Allosaurus

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Here is a really neat idea.
Can't belive I never thought of it myself.

sailback reptile
work work
These are a few small customized
works I did that have been
just sitting around for a while now.

If you would like to contact Kurt, use the link below to go to his website.