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This is where I get to tell you about kits (and other things) that you can buy right now.
Either from the hobby shop shelves, or directly from the producers

I will be keeping the descriptions and images somewhat limited
to keep the page from getting too big and hard to look through

T-rex reissue!
rex reissue
Atlantis repopped this baby in mid 2011.
Red plastic, glow parts, and the original artwork on the box.
MSRP is $80, but it can be found for less right now.
Limited to 1500 kits.

There are many resin replacement parts for pieces that are missing from the reissues.
Cultman's Hobbyshop replacement nameplates for the ones that Revell screwed up in the most recent reissues.

From MMR there is the second base half for the Sabertooth Tiger.

Also, check the Thunderboy site for some other resin replacement parts.
Small pieces for the tar pit, bear, tiger, bird, swamp.

Mark has quite a bit available as far as bases, including pieces cast with LEDs for lighting effects.

It seems Chinxy is offering a resin casting of the armored dinosaur missing base half and the allosaurus base. I don't have details on prices. Here is his ebay page.
repro base
And here is a pic of the bases from one of his auctions.

There seems to be some interest in additional kits for the series.
Several companies and sculptors are producting or working on kits at this very moment.
I figured I had better start a new section just for that as it was way too much for this page.
Garage kit add-on kits.


It seems that Night Gallery (Python kits) is producing their display reproductions again.
Prehistoric Scenes display reproduction Prehistoric Scenes display reproduction
They aren't cheap. But they are available.

If you want other cool household items that have the PS touch.
Then maybe you need to look around
RetroArt Production's pages.
From T-shirts, to coasters, to magnets, to coffee cups. They have a ton of stuff.
I have never ordered from them myself, so I cannot attest to their quality or their customer service. But I haven't heard anything bad about them yet.