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Well , I couldn't figure out where to put this stuff, so I made this page for it.

Ayrora shipping box
Note the part numbers on it
.#1001 must be some sort of combo pack.
Found out it contained 3 each of
Tiger, Neanderthal, Cromagnon Man and Woman.

Store picture
Danny sent me this cool pic from 74 Childrens Palace or Childworld NJ
Turns out there is a better version on
Plaid Stallions

I have this very interesting letter from Aurora. This was sent to my by Jeff Johnson.
He had sent a letter to Aurora suggesting another kit for the line. Aurora sent him this letter outlining what went into producing a model from concept to store shelf. A very interesting read.

Aurora model company letter Aurora model company letter

Now, thanks to Rodger Moore we have a scan for the free T-shirt offer that were advertised on some of the Monogram '87 reissues.

monogram T shirt offer

Items that 'borrowed' artwork from the line.
Prehistoric scenes poster
Vintage Tyrannosaurus Rex poster, using either
the PS kit, or a reissue. No real info on it.
The ebay seller didn't have any.
And there are no production marks anywhere,
to tell me year or maker.

This pin looks an aweful lot like the PS rex.

Forgot all about these.
A set of magnets I picked up a few years ago
Prehistoric scenes cache cancel
Cache Cancels

A couple of toy packages that used PS artwork.
See this page for more pics and what info I know.

Ben Cooper Halloween costume.
I own one of these now. See, this page
for more pics and info.