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The tale of the Steg that never was

I will attempt to give all the fact that I know about the Stegosaurus that Aurora never made.
According to an article in Fantasy Modeling #5 (1981), there were several kits that Aurora considered, but never produced. Among them was a Stegosaurus for the Prehistoric Scenes line. There was a picture with the article that shows some of the artwork by Dave Cockrum. You can see a scan of it here.
This is what set me on the trail of the elusive beast.

Dave Cockrum design sketch
Picture posted with Dave Cockrum's permission.
If you haven't checked his site yet, check it out on my links page

This put me on the trail of the resin kit. You can learn more about that, on this page.
That hunt did turn up more information about the actual kit though.
Like that Dave Cockrum designed the kit, and Bill Lemon sculpted the piece.
Still haven't heard a definitive reason why it never got released. But when Monogram bought the Aurora assets, the sculpt was already MIA.
So far, no one knows where it is, or what exactly happened to it.

Aurora StegosaurusAurora Stegosaurus
And here it is! This is what the holy grail looks like.
Can't remember where I got those pictures at the moment. Once I do, I will give credit.
But it took me many years to see what this thing really looked like. Before that, this is the best look I had at it.
Aurora Stegosaurus

Then I got these copies. A little more detail, but still pretty vague.
Aurora Stegosaurus Aurora Stegosaurus Aurora Stegosaurus
Aurora StegosaurusAurora Stegosaurus

Those really whet the appetite, but aren't very satisfying.
You can get an idea of how it was supposed to look, and some of the details of it. But, other than that, it was still kind of vague
until those good pics turned up.
The next stuff I got a hold of was really interesting. Copies of photos of the parts actually laid out.

Aurora Stegosaurus Aurora Stegosaurus
Aurora Stegosaurus Aurora Stegosaurus

Now, that really got the imagination churning.
It also lead to a lot of speculation. Many people thought that since it looked like actual parts, that the kit might have
been molded, and made it to the test shot phase.
Thankfully Andy Yanchus laid that rumor to rest. I finally had the opportunity to talk with him at WF2014.
What a wealth of knowledge that gentleman is.
The kit never got molded. The sculpt is as far as it got. The thing is, when Aurora had kits sculpted, they were sculpted
exactly as they would be broken down for the molds. So, what you see in those images above, are the actual pieces
of the acetate pattern. Along with that great information, Andy was gracious enough to send me digital copies of some of
the slides he used at his presentation at WF2014.
These are much larger, and clearer than the ones I have above.

Aurora Stegosaurus Aurora Stegosaurus
Aurora Stegosaurus Aurora Stegosaurus

Almost forgot one of the coolest things about this kit.
The design sketch by Dave Cockrum.

Aurora Stegosaurus

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