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kit #736
Designed by - ???
Sculpted by - ???
Box Art - ???
Instruction Illustration - ???

Aurora 1971 Allosaurus model
29 pieces. Molded in green with yellow base parts.
A 1971 series kit with decent detail but nothing great.

Revell 2007 allosaurus dinosaur model
This will give you an idea of the size of the kit.
Revell 2007 allosaurus dinosaur model built allosaurus

Really easy to find the kit itself in all versions. What is tough to find are the bases, and the boxes. No reissue has ever included the bases or nameplate. Expect to pay good money for those items.

The head swivels, arms, paws, legs, and feet move. 2 sections of tail swivel.
Arm pins are the same as the ones for the rex.
Monogram also called it the Dragon Dinosaur.
Revell just called it Allosaurus, though they named it Fang in their latest reissue

kit with base

my finished allosaurus kit

Click image to see more pics of my completed kit, as well as a review.

To veiw a parts list for this model, click on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.


Allosaurus model parts list
Click image to see a numbered
picture of the parts

allosaurus base
Here's a pic of my two part base.




Ok, here goes.
The first edition of this kit came in the box with the tiger on it. It had no base. After that, the box art changed to the one without the tiger and the model contained a 2 part base.
I have heard there was a transitional stage that used the box with the tiger and came with a 1 piece base. Can anyone confirm any of this? I think that the one-piece base stage is probably true. I have seen a lot of auctions for this kit with only one base piece. They alway seem to be the same piece too. So that does lead me to belive that this did happen.
Aurora Allosaurus model kit contents
'71 Box contents
click for larger image
'72 Box contents
Aurora 1971 Allosaurus model box
1971 Aurora box
Click for 5 sided view
Click for box text

kit with base
1971 Canadian Allosaurus model box
Canadian version

Aurora 1972 Allosaurus model box
1972 - 2nd Aurora Box
  Aurora allosaurus dinosaur model
Aurora Allosaurus model box
Click image to see all 4 sides of both boxes
Monogram 1979 Allosaurus model box
Monogram 1979 - #6044
Monogram 1988 Allosaurus model box
Monogram 1987 - #6078
  Monogram allosaurus dinosaur model
Monogram 1988 Allosaurus model box
Monogram 1988 - #6078
  Another version of the Monogram kit.
This has a sticker advertising a "Free T Shirt" offer. To check out the offer, see the
Interesting Items page.
Revell 1993 Allosaurus model box
Revell 1992 - #6336
  Revell allosaurus dinosaur model
Revell-Germany 1993 Allosaurus model box
Revell-Germany #6474
click for skilcraft box page
Skilcraft - #6078
  Apparently a company by the name of Skilcraft produced this 2 pack using the original molds.
At this time, I know very little about the company or what else they might have produced or when.
It does come with a neat backdrop that is on the
displays page.
Click on the image to go to a page with more details.
Revell 2007 allosaurus dinosaur model box
Revell 2007 - #6512
  Revell 2007 allosaurus dinosaur model box
Revell Make and Take allosaurus
 Revell 2007
Make and Take
  Each Make 'n Take event package
comes with:
1 Fully Packaged Model Kit
24 Bagged Model Kits
Instruction Sheets
2 Pre-Event Posters
and a Helpful Hints Manual
Revell Germany
Revell 2015 - #6474

2 versions

The piece on the left is an Aurora part. The one on the right is either a Monogram or Revell.

2 versions
Ok, here is a weird one, courtesy of Ian.
A Revell-Germany allosaurus with a sailback base????
And they are molded in the same color so it looks like it was intentional.
2 versions 2 versions