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Kit # 738
Designed by - ???
Sculpted by
Box Art - ???
Instruction Illustration - ???

Aurora Cave Bear model
30 parts. Molded in a dark brown.
From the 1972 series. Never reissued.

cave bear model
This should give you an idea of the size.
cave bear model

Cave Bear model parts list
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picture of the parts
My cave bear model

To veiw a parts list for this model, click on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.



80,000 YEARS AGO


The arms and legs move, the head swivels, and the teeth move.
Not too hard to find. Usually missing the teeth, or the skulls that go on the base. Also tends to be missing the wall as it gets mixed in with cave parts though. Not a real demand item though since it doesn't look very prehistoric.So prices tend to be mid-ranged.

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The Aurora Box

Aurora canadian cave bear box

A scan of the top flap from a Canadian box

my hree horned dinosaur model
Click on the picture to see more pics of this finished cave bear kit
  cave bear kit
I never had this model as a kid. This kit was originally supposed to be a grizzly bear for the "Wildlife" series, and it shows. There is nothing that seems prehistoric about this kit to me. This model is ok, but not as interesting as a dinosaur. I'm thinking about putting my extra sabertooth with this when I get around to building mine. I think it would make it more interestng having the bear and tiger fighting each other.
This model has movable head, arms and legs.

Also can be combined with the cave in several different ways, as the piece of the Cave Bear base is the same size and shape as 2 of the Cave base pieces.
So, if you take the Cave Bear, you can still use 3 extra Cave base parts to add to it and they will fit fine with the Cave. Also, from what I can tell, the Cave Bear wall fits fine with the cave walls, so the options are pretty wide open on what you can do with these combinations.

Actually, I have learned that you need the Cave Bear wall the make a complete cave.
That is to say, if you want a full cave, that goes all the way around 2 bases, you need the Cave Bear wall. For a total of 7 wall pieces to make a complete circle.

Kurt sent me this interesting picture.

Click for 3 sided veiw

He cleaned up the box art to show what the original artwork would have looked like.