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Spiked Dinosaur

Kit # 742
Designed by - ???
Sculpted by Bill Lemon
Box Art - ???
Instruction Illustration - ???

The sailback aurora model
26 pieces. Molded in a light green.
Being part of the '72 second wave. Reissued multiple times.

The sailback aurora model
The sailback aurora model
Size reference shot

ny finished spiked dinosaur kit
My finished Mono '87

ny finished spiked dinosaur kit

To veiw a parts list for this model, click on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.




hree horned dinosaur model parts
Click image to see a numbered
picture of the parts

Revell spiked dinosaur model

spiked dinosaur box contents

Tail and legs swivel. Head pivots up and down, and the jaw opens and closes.
2 part base with tree and nameplate.
Moderate interest as it is a nice kit, but the reissues are also complete. So from a building perspective, any issue will do.
Reissues go by the name of Styracosaurus. Revell 2007 issue called 'Spike'.
A very good sized kit.

Aurora 1972 spiked dinosaur box
Aurora box
Click for 5 sided view
Click for box text
  aurora spiked dinosaur
Monogram '79 spiked dinosaur box
Monogram 1979 - #6042
  Monogram '79 spiked dinosaur box
Monogram '87 spiked dinosaur box
Monogram 1987 - #6076
  monogram 87 spiked dinosaur
Revell-Germany 1993 spiked dinosaur box
Revell-Germany 1993 - #6472
  Revell-Germany spiked dinosaur
Revell-Germany 1993 spiked dinosaur box
Revell-Germany GLOW - #6479
Revell spiked dinosaur model
  Revell 2007 - #6514
  Revell spiked dinosaur model
Revell Germany
Revell 2015 - #6472
This is a nice sized model, about the size of a football. It also has some nice detail and skin texture to it.
This model shares many of the same parts as the Three Horned Dinosaur. The base is the same exept that this one gets a tree and a bush, where as the Three Horned gets a rock. They have the same body, hind legs, and tail. The head is slightly different. The horn is longer and point more straight upward. The jaw, while being the same size and shape has different teeth. The front legs have similar but not identical poses. They also have different skin textures. The only part with major differences is the part that goes around the head.
If you want to see a funny little story about how similar they actually are, see the "Three Horned Dinosaur" page.
The legs move, tail swivels, head, and jaw move up and down.

I did mine (which is the Monogram) in a sandy desert type setting with coloring to match on the dinosaur itself.

All the reissues come with all the original pieces.

3 versions spiked dinosaur plastic
The part on the left is from the Revell-Germany kit.
The middle is a Monogram '87.
The one on the right is an Aurora part.