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Finally I have a few links
PS companies

Alchemy Works

Mike was the first to do resin add-ons for the series. Way back when he did the Stegosaurus with Lunar Models. He is back at it again, with his company Alchemy. They have the Steg, Bronto, and several other items in the works.

Action Hobbies

Larry was a good friend with Dave Cockrum who designed serveral kits for Aurora back in the day. He has been responsible for bringing some of Dave's designs to life in resin.s.

Primeval Plastics

Steve just started in the resin business.
He has had some great ideas for additions to the series and has brought a couple to life so far, with more in the workts.

Atlanits Toy and Hobby

These are the guys that brought us the great Tyrannosaurus re-issue..


The Yahoo PS group

A new yahoo group dedicated to the prehistoric scenes.

The Clubhouse

A collection of modeling BB's
Has off topic, modeling, marvel models, DC models, a sculpting forum, movie BB, and much more.
A fun place to hang out. I should know, I am there every day!

The Model Museum

The best place I know to check out built-up models.

Aurora email/yahoo group

You can learn a lot about the Aurora kits from this e-mail group.

Polar Lights BB

The official BB for Polar Lights.
If you don't know who PL is, they are the company that has been reissuing all the old Aurora favorites.

Places to find parts and goodies

The Parts Pit

If you're looking for Prehistoric Scenes parts or Monster Scenes parts, this is the place to go. Check it out.

RetroArt's PS stuff

Came across this site in a Google search. Stuff looks interesting. I have not ordered anything from here, so I can't really vouch for them though.

Thunderboy Heavy Industries

Lots of resin replacement parts.

Bunky Brothers

Ken has been doing this for years. He has tons of model parts available.


You will have to scroll about half-way down the page to get to the Prehistoric Scenes section of Steve's site. Check out some nice work by Mark King . Also has a pic of a nice display.

Buc's site

Buc's site has all kinds of information about all kinds of kits. He updates it frequently. Also has a price comparison from several model kit dealers.

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes

Another fan of the series. Site is new but coming along nicely. He also has some stuff for sale.

Other great sites


This is the official site for WonderFest. One of the premier model conventions. Had a blast there in 2002 and 2003

Monster Model Review

Rob has a most excelent site where you can watch videos reviewing kits, companies, and many other aspects of this great hobby..

The Core

Awesome site with scans of the original artwork for the 1971 PS kit instruction sheets.

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