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01/03/07 - Just added a new page with ordering information for the stegosaurus kit!

Welcome to my site devoted to the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes model kits. I loved these when I was a kid. Now that I am older and have a little more skill I am having a blast building these kits again.


Most pages on this site are very graphics intensive.
They may take some time to load all the pictures.

To display properly, you may have to download and install the font informal011
You shouldn't have any problem finding it with a web search. It is the same font as what was used on the PS boxes.

I have gathered together on these pages all the information I have found so far. If you have any information that is not here, please contact me. I am always looking for anything pertaining to the PS series or the reissues of them. Especialy production history and product numbers.

These pages contain pictures of box art for all the models. As well as pictures of each model. I am trying to publish my own pictures of my own models and boxes. In some cases that is not possible yet. So I have used pictures from auctions. If I happen to have a picture of a model that belongs to you, I am sorry, Please contact me and let me know, I will remove it or give you credit, whichever you prefer.
Feel free to use any of my pictures for reference. But do not 'borrow' them for retail purposes without my permission first. This includes use for auctions.
Also, there are some images that are not mine. The owners have been credited. Do not borrow those images without the owners consent.

I am also working on including side by side comparisons of the reissues and the original kits. Hopefully this will make it easier to identify parts.
I also need information on box artists and sculptors. I want to be able to document all information on these kits.

I have started a Prehistoric Scenes gallery. If you have any pics of your own PS kits you want to put up here, please contact me. Email me first, don't just send pictures.
Right now, I'm setting up a page for each person who sends pics. With the modelers name on top, with there pictures, and any contact information they would like added.

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