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For those of you repeat visitors that
just want to know what's new.

Updated the page for the Tyrannosaurus Display with pics of the reproduction

Updated the My Collection section for some new aquisitions and photos.

Finally getting the add on section updated

Updated the interesting items page, and my collection page to reflect a few cool things I recently aquired.

Added a few more reissue box photos, as well as upgraded a few others.

Still updating code on pages. Might be about halfway through at this point.
Did do some updates with some new items today.
Added a couple things to my collection.
Added some new things to the interesting items page.

I am finally back to updating the site. I changed hosting services in the summer of 2019 which caused issues I hadn't forseen. New host does not support Frontpage extensions, so that screwed the navigation on the site. So I had to sort that all out before I could really concern myself with updates. It took me a while to find a solution to the problem. It is sorted now, and I am in the process of updating all 350(ish) pages of the site with the new code.
It is going to take a while, but I am making progress on that front. Along the way, I hope to update some of the pages with more / different content as well as the new code.
So stick with me. I haven't abandoned this site, I've just been trying to improve it.

Updated the Recent Aquisitions page.
A small update for the Giant Bird pattern page.

Got the 1992 Revell-Germany and the 1994 Revell box sections done.

Made a section for the 1987 Monogram boxes/kits.

Been a while since I posted here (all my work has been tied up in the add-ons section)
Added a bunch of pics to the Catalog page.
Made a section for the 1979 Monogram boxes/kits.

Revamped the production history pages.
Updated the 'My Collection' area again.
Updated the individual kit pages with pics of the latest reissues as well as a few other new pics.
Split out the Pom-Poms ad to it's own page.
Tweaked the menu a bit too.

Updated the instructions sheet page, added the 2015 reissues.
Also updated the page showing the variations in the international instructions.
Fixed some links on the other sites page for the gallery.
Also made the link a little more prominent on the sketch page to find the design stat page.
Updated the 'My Collection' area.
And added various pics in the add-ons section.

Added a page for the Atlantis rex.
Added various pictures to several kit pages. Including some in the My Collection area.
Reworked the add-on section, and the 'in production' page.

Updated and rearranged the Interesting Items page. Added a few things like
the Joy Toys dinosaur sets, and the Ben Cooper costume.
Added a page for all the replacement / upgrade items that Mark offers.

First of all, if you want an add-on kit from Alchemy, get it now.
Mike is going to end production on most of the line very soon.
Added some pics of stuff I have recently aquired. Trex boxes and some other goodies.
And in case you missed it, around the beginning of the year I redid the gallery section.
And heads-up. Doing another display at WF this year.

Did a good amount of work tonight.
Redid the prototype section.
Added some pics to the Bear, Tiger, Mammoth, and Sailback pages.
Added a page for the soon to be released Moschops addon kit.

More gallery additions. New pics of the 2011 WF display.
Updated the sale page.

Added pics to most of the kit pages. Including the mini dinos.
A new European ad on the advertisement page.
And another interesting item.

More cool stuff on my collection page.
Plus I split it up so it's easier to check what interests you.
Updated the box page so hopefully it is easier to understand.
More additions to the sale page.

Added some stuff to the sale page

Wow. Been a while since I updated this page.
I tend to post them on the forum and neglect this page. Sorry.
Been lots of updates in the last year and a half that haven't been documented.
Most recently, I updated the Maps and Inserts page.
New layout, and a new 1972 Canadian insert.
The Instruction Sheet page also got a major facelift.
And some new instruction sheets added.
Added a T-rex poster to the Interesting Items page.
Made a page for the Revell-Germany kits. accessed from the
Production History page.
Several additions to the gallery. For info on the newest additions
Check this thread on the forum.
Also, more add-on kits added, as well as reviews.
And of course various random new pics and info.

Several different areas updated today. Some new magazine ads and rearranged the advertisement page. Couple new sketches on the design sketch page. Added a Revell-Germany Allosaurus instruction sheet. I'd like to give credit to the person who emailed me the scans, but I can't find the email. So, if you sent them, let me know, so I can credit you.
Added a link for another source of resin replacement pieces.
And updates to several of the kit pages. More turn-around pics of some of the 71/72 versions. As well as a picture of the flying reptile with the string.

Added a new page. This one is a checklist of what I actually have kit wise.
Updated the sale pages.

Well, the post WF work has begun.
Added the 2011 WF PS Display.
Added gallery updates for Jonathan and Steve Cooke.
And did up a page for the brand new Primeval Plastics Dire Wolf in the add-ons section.
Also, don't forget about the forum. Actually getting some discussion going now.

Well, I think I am about half way through the site re-do.
I've redone 22 pages, and added 5 index pages.
Hopefully the new index pages will improve the site navigation.
A lot of the changes to the pages are both with the layout, and with descriptions and information. I have a bad habbit of thinking those reading my pages are familiar with all aspects of things like Aurora history, terminology, and the series itself. When in fact, that is why a lot of people are here in the first place. So, I'm making a concious effort to try and label things better and explain things in more detail.
Also added some more catalog scans, thanks to Jeff Moore who sent me scans from the 1992 and 2008 Revell catalogs.

Been working on tweaking the site navigation. Those changes are ongoing.
Also changing the way the kit pages are laid out. Putting the kits and info first, and the box variations lower on the page.
Also been adding a few new pics as I go along.

Lots of little stuff today.
Updated my collection page
The sketches page with pics of the Rex and Steg sketches that I took at WF
The catalogs page with pics of the store brochure that I aquired at WF
A neat store picture is now on the interesting items page.
As well as a few random new pics on some of the other pages
And don't forget about the PS display at WF 2011

Updated the In Production Now page. Cleaned it up and added the new Trex reissue.
Made a new page for things that aren't available anymore.

Added a page for displays. Not the store displays, but kit displays that people have either put together themselves, or seen at places like museums.
Did a little tweeking to the main page, and the PS page.

Ok, so I have really been slacking on updating this page.
Been making minor changes and additions here and there.
Been a few additions to the gallery section. A new contributor, and Kurts sent some more stuff.
Also added a search to the site. Not sure how well it is working yet.

Ok. Long time no updates.
First, not much has been going on in the PS world.
Second, too much stuff has been going on in my world.
Some minor updates and a little housekeeping. I also temporarily closed the sale section.
I don't have much stuff left, and nothing I have has been moving for ages.
The big news, is I am going to try and jump-start some more interest, and have opened up an online forum for the Prehistoric Scenes kits.
And on the "in production now" page, I added info for someone offering resin copies of the armored dinosaur base.
When I get more time, I will have some updates for the add-on section.

Added a few new pictures here and there, and a lot of stuff in the add-ons section.

A bunch of random new pics added to a bunch of pages. Mainly in the add-on section.
And a new advertisement to the appropriate page.

Did a little reorganizing of the main menu.
Made a section for contest, and another for calendars/

Contest results are now up!
Also added a link to the main menu for the contest as the pages will be on permanent display.

More in-progress shots of my allosaurus kit.
More contest entries uploaded.
Also a link to the 2009 PS calendar that is now available!

Updated the sale pages.
Another addition to Steve's gallery page.

Big updates to the add-on section.
And a slight tweak to the production history page.

Added a section for the MMR Prehistoric Scenes Model Contest.

Added some cool pics of some of the kits on display at the British Museum on the interesting items page
More stuff on the add-ons page.

Added some great kits to the swap and sell section, including one of my personal build-ups.

Lots of little additions since the last time I updated this page.
Steve sent me more stuff for his gallery.
More updated on my ongoing builds of the allosaurus and protoceratops
Lots of stuff in the add-on section
And a few new pics here and there.

Some tweaks to the add-on section.
Steve's gallery is done now.
Some more in-progress stuff for my Allo and Proto kits.

More gallery entries for Steve.
More stuff in the add-on section.

More updates in the new add-on kits section.
Including an addition of an update page there to track all the new info I am adding
Some other recent updates that haven't been mentioned here yet.
A page for the DenComm PS calendar.
Added a few more pics to some of the kit pages.
And some more updates in my progress on building the allosaurus.
Added a link to the The Yahoo PS group

Added info for ordering the Struthiomimus kit in the new add-on kits section.
As well as another replacement head, and some pics of the Iggy.

Added info on the new Dencomm 2008 PS calendar to the in-production page.

Added images of the recent auctions for the Swamp and Cromagnon Woman box art.
Added some Monogram 1980 catalog pics to the catalogs page.
Did a major overhaul of the conversion head page in the new add-on kits section.

Added more new replacement heads coming from Alchemy to the new add-on kits section.
As well as the new nameplate for the parasaurolophus from Action Hobbies,

Added new pics of the struthiomimus in the new add-on kits section.
Added more box pictures to several of the kits.

Another round of updates to the new add-on kits section The Iquanodon is retired and new pics for the stuthiomimus.
New placement for the Cromagnon Woman, check the page for that kit!
A word about the Moebius reissue of the Jungle Swamp on the in-production page.

Another round of updates to the new add-on kits section.
Including new replacemnt heads, a new kit, and an out of box reveiw of the protoceratops.
Redid the links page.

A whole bunch of updates to the new add-on kits section
Added a 1979 Monogram catalog and order form scans to the catalogs page.
Added the last 3 reissues to the instruction sheet page.
A couple more things added to the interesting items page.

Updated some of the stuff in the new add-on kits section.

Added a new section for all the new add-on kits that have been hitting the market.
Re-opened the store.

Updated and added more pics to the Revell reissues page.
Updated the magazine page with stuff from AFM #38
Finished the page for my Parasaurolophus build.

Updated info on the Revell reissues.

Added more pics to my Parasaurolophus build up.

Added pics for the 3 latest reissues from Revell.

Several items that I just did, and did since last time that I never noted here.
Gallery updates for Jeff, Steve, and another mammoth pic that I found from Kurt.
More in-progress stuff for my allosaurus.
And fixed a few links and such related to the stegosaurus.

Added more pics to both Rich's and Steve's gallery pages.
Added some more in-progress pics of my build up of the allosaurus.

Added more pictures to Kurt's gallery page.
Added more grey cave parts pictures to the cave page.

Added a 1987 Monogram catalog scan to the catalogs page.
Added some JCPenny catalog pictures to the catalogs page. Would really like to get some of these for my collection.

Added some interesting pictures to the Cave page in the kits section.

Updated the allosaurus page in the "my kits section" to show my progress so far on this model.

Added the 2007 Revell catalog to the catalog page.
Added the European Swamp to the instruction sheet page.
Added another link to the other gallery pages
Updated sale pages.

Added some more stuff to my collection page.
Added more stuff to the swap and sell section.

Added another page to the gallery. As well as some more links to other pages with build-ups.

Added more stuff to the steg page. Including an OOB review of the new release.

Added some new pics to the gallery. Some on Kurt's page, and some on Ray's.

Added more instruction sheets. The 4 new Revell versions as well as a 93 allosaurus.

New box pics for the 07 Revell kits. As well as pics of the open boxes to see the plastic color.
Sometime this week, the instruction sheets will be up as well.

Added pics for the new Fang and Klaw kits.
Added some more magazines and guides to the magazine page. Also added more interior pics.

Updated a bunch of the kit pages. Redid some of the information, and reworded others.
Added a few images and some new info as well.

Split the magaznes and catalogs into 2 separate pages.

Redesigned some of the navigation.
Added a page for kits that are currently being produced and are available for purchase.
Added a page for the Revell 2007 reissues.
Added the new box pics for the sailback and armored dinosaur.

Updated the production history page to reflect the new reissues from Revell.
Started on a revamp of the navigation for this site. Will post more once it is completed.

Just added a new page with details about ordering the newly re-done steg kit.

Added a poll to the questions page. Check it out and answer please.

Added more stuff to my collection page.
Added more in the box pics to the trex.
Added even more pics to the cave display page.
Added 2 more instruction sheets.As well as a page with my thoughts about the instructions and their variations.

Redid the Display page. Moved the cave display stuff to a page of it's own and added a bunch of picture of the actual factory built models that come with it.
A couple more things added to the interesting items page.
A couple more images added to the Catalog page

Added more pics to my Cave buildup.
Added more goodies to the Never produced items page

Added pics of my tiger/bear diorama to the Cave Bear page in the my kits section.

Added some more reissue pictures to the allo, sailback, and rex.
Added some very odd pictures to the allo page as well.
Added some pictures to my collection page also. Some shots of the build-ups on my shelf
Added a page for the stegosaurus off of the Never produced items page, and redid that while I was at it.

Added a couple more instruction sheets.

Added more pictures to the mammoth display page.
Added prototype parts to the mammoth page
Added more in the box pics to the flying reptile, trex, and 3 horned pages.

More instruction sheets added. Brining the total up to 56 now.
Added a Monogram Advertisement.

Added some more instruction sheet scans.
Added a link to a great site with scans of the original artwork for the first series instruction sheets.
Updated the sale pages.

Added some more to this gallery page
Added a page for my in-progress work on the parasaurolophus.

Added another page to the gallery
Added a numbered part picture to the sailback page.

Added another page to the gallery

Add a couple more instruction sheets. Blue cromagnon woman, and B&W tiger
Added more pics to the gallery for Mark A. R. Kreiss

Been busy. Added a couple more pages.
One to show pics of my personal collection, another to post questions I am searching answers for.

Added more kits to Kurt's page in the gallery.
Added a numbered picture of the Cave Bear parts.
Added pictures of the JCPenny's catalog box for the Trex, and the back panel of the Sailback box.
And a picture of an odd configuration of the Rex parts that I am curious what they could have been used for.

Added another instruction sheet. B&W Tar Pit.
Added more to the swap and sell.

Added another kit to Kurt's gallery page.
Added some real goodies to the swap and sell section.

Another addition to the gallery.

Added a few more instruction sheets.
Added in box pic for Allosaurus.

Added more gallery pictures for J.B.Weeks.
Added more in box pics for Flying Reptile, Sailback Reptile, and Spiked Dino.
5 more promotional pictures.
5 more design sketches.
Another picture of the Pom-Pom's boxs.

Added a page to the gallery for Joe Seaman
Added more gallery pictures for J.B.Weeks.

Added pics of the parts (complete with part numbers) to the Cromagnon Woman, Spiked Dinosaur, and Wolly Mammoth.
Added a section to each kit(that had reissues) that show the different version of the reissues.
Added a new version of the Revell-Germany Sailback Reptile.

Added a page for the Parasaurolophus.
Added pics and description to my Cave Bear build-up.

Finished adding the extra information about the kits on the tops of the pages.
Updated the production history page to note the PL dinos and clarify that they are not Aurora reissues.

Just added another upcoming resin model to the never produced page!

Lots of stuff going on. I upgraded some box pictures on the pages for the armored dino, flying reptile, sailback reptile, and spiked dino.
Added a page with more pics of the mammoth display.
Added better pictures of the Dinosaur Duo display.
Added a page for the Dinosaur Duo.
Started adding more information to the kit pages. Including part count / color. And my thoughts about how collectable each kit is, and how hard they are to find. I have 6 done so far.

Coming soon will be a page for design sketches and some more stuff for the mighty rex.

Added pink versions of the instructions for the Cave and Spiked Dino.
Added a scan of the PomPoms box I finally got on the
Advertisements page.
Also added a ton of stuff to the sale pages last week.

Added pics of the parts (complete with part numbers) to the Giant Bird, and Jungle Swamp pages.

Updated the instruction sheet section. Finished moving the rest of them to this site and uploaded 2 more Rex instructions. A Revell-Germany and an original Aurora. The last one is thank to Robert Acevedo Martell.
Also updated my sale pages again.

Added another page to the gallery section. Take a look and check out the work.

Updated my sale pages. If anyone is interested in any of the comic book ads, I have lowered the prices.

Added some magazines to the catalog page. Seemed like the best place to put them.

Added new and better pics to the mini dino page.
Added some new pictures that
Robert Acevedo Martell sent of the Revell-Germany mini dinos.
Added several pages to the gallery section.

Added a link to the "
Never Produced" page for the Dave Cockrum benefit book

Finally got my sale pages moved over here.
If you are in the market for anything, take a look.

Put up some much better pictures of some of my build-ups
Added links to some of my instruction sheets.

Finished the new section for my models. Hope you like it.

All the model pages are done.
Also have the gallery section completed as well

All the pages on this menu are done.
Started working on pages for "the models" menu. Have allosaurus, armored, jungle swamp, neanderthal man, and the mini dinos done so far.

The whole thing is new right now.
Moved it all to my new webspace. No ads, no pop-ups, no cookies. YEAH!!
Changed things around a little.
Added pics of a cave display, scans from the 1975-1977 catalogs, and a Canadian timescale.