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It's finally ready to go

Mike at Alchemy Works has finally finished remolding the Steg kit.

resin addition to the prehistoric model line

For more info on the original see my page for the steg.

Here is the info I got from Mike

Here is the data on the long awaited Aurora Stegosaurus wonderfully sculpted by the late Rick Wyatt to the original Aurora concept art!!  

Stego 13" L x 10"  Tall the kit is $199.00 same price as it was 4 years ago.. we are trying to keep the kit where it can be afforded... it uses a lot of resin and the kit has been corrected from the first release where there was  a seam issue on the body. The body is poured solid but with a light filler.
Optional base is made in 3 pieces and fits in with other Aurora bases. 
Included are a baby stego 6 " L by 3 1/2 " tall, a log, rocks, cycad and tree stump.  All these are made separate so you can move them where you like.    Cost $59.95.  
Buy both at the same time $249.95
This is a very limited release... we will make a total of 50 castings and may not re release this kit.. we now have commitments for over 20 so hurry if you want this kit!!

Contact Mike at his website
Alchemy Works
or via

Here is info and pics of the new kit.
Dave Cockrum stegosaurus
Aurora stegosaurus resin base Dave Cockrum stegosaurus

This is just done, so there are no built-up pics yet, but they will be coming.

For a little more info on the base and additional pieces
(sculpted by Chrisopher at )
Here are some pics of the sculpt he did .

Aurora stegosaurus resin base
Aurora stegosaurus resin base Aurora stegosaurus resin base

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