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Prehistoric Scenes prototype model parts.
Giant Bird

Not quite sure what this one actually is.
I've heard it is the acitate pattern.
I've heard it is a copy of the pattern used as a paint master.
All I know is that it's pretty darn cool!

aurora prototype model parts

aurora prototype model parts aurora prototype model parts
Some things I can tell you about it.
First off, it's heavy, and solid.

aurora prototype model parts aurora prototype model parts
Second - parts move.
As you can see in the pics above, the beak moves.

aurora prototype model parts aurora prototype model parts
Not exactly sure how it's put together, as the head doesn't look
hollow like the actual kit is.

aurora prototype model partsaurora prototype model parts
The wings also move. But that is easier to explain, as the back
is clearly a separate part, so that is just like the kit itself.
The one leg moves, the other seems to be glued.
aurora prototype model parts
And as you can see, the details just seem a little bit crisper
and sharper than the kit does.
Or maybe it's just me thinking it does.


The following pictures and description are courtesy of Jim Makowski. He recently had this up for auction on ebay. Went higher than I could go. Still didn't meet reserve.

aurora prototype

From the auction description :
"Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Prototype(also known as a "pattern")of the Giant Bird figure kit.The figure is made of the same material as the other prototypes we are offering.It was hand painted by Aurora artists.The figure is complete but there is no base or accessories.The figure is near mint but one leg is not attached and is neatly glued in one spot. All pieces were purchased from the same source-a former Aurora employee(Hempstead-Long Island,New York).According to our source these items were in the Aurora archives when they were going out of business.They remained in his possession until we purchased them."

From an email from the seller :
"The prototype is made prior to the kit being produced in styrene.It is made up of pieces(the small wings move on their hinges) but it is assembled.The kit is made of some type of sculpting material that was used in the 1970's. If you look at our other proto auctions you can see the material without paint on it.The pieces are solid-not hollow like injection molded styrene.This was probably used as a paint master for the box art."

aurora prototype

From this close-up, it looks like this master had a little more detail than the kit version does.

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