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If you are unfamiliar with these model kits, then you are probably wondering why I have devoted such a large section of my website to them.


The Prehistoric Scenes are a line of 17 models produced by the Aurora model company. (the same one that made all the monster models back then)
They were released between 1971-1975.

Aurora prehistoric scenes model kits

They are all snap together construction with interlocking bases. Which means you can display the models next to each other. If you are lucky enough to gather them all, you can make a huge diorama.
They also feature moveable parts and optional pieces so you can decide how you want to build yours and how you want to see it displayed.
The originals were produced in bright colors fitting to the subject
(more or less)
So, you don't even have to paint them to display them.
Which made them perfect for kids in the early 70's. Which was before action figures really came about. So these were fun to collect, build, and play with.

Prehistoric Scenes

allosaurus aurora model kit

the cave aurora model kit

cromagnon man aurora model kit

flying reptile aurora model kit

the swamp aurora model kit

neanderthal man aurora model kit

Aurora box aurora model kit

tar pit aurora model kit

tyrannosaurus rex aurora model kit


armored dinosaur aurora model kit

cave bear aurora model kit

cromagnon woman aurora model kit

giant bird aurora model kit

sabertooth tiger aurora model kit

spiked dinosaur aurora model kit

three horned dinosaur aurora model kit

woolly mammoth aurora model kit

Prehistoric Scenes Gallery
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