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Revell-Germany 1993-200?
Revell Germany

There is a ton about this period that I have no clue about.
All I know is that the boxes say 1993 and the instruction sheets
all say either 1992 or 1993.
Though they seemed to be readily available well into the 2000s.
I know I bought some new in like 2002, or 2003.
And sometime around 2005-2006 the ones with glow paint started
turning up on ebay regularly.

I am still trying to track down Revell-Germany catalogs to try and
piece together what kits were available when.

They issued all 8 kits that have seen reissues.
KIT #  
Tyrannosaurus Rex 6470 Revell Germany
3 Horned Dino 6471 Revell Germany
Spiked Dino 6472

Revell Germany
Sailback Reptile 6473

Revell Germany
Allosaurus 6474 Revell Germany
Flying Reptile 6475 Revell Germany
Woolly Mammoth 6476 Revell Germany
Armored Dino 6477 Revell Germany
As mentioned above, one of the variations was with glow paint.
Revell Germany Revell Germany
The only difference in the packaging was the addition of a sticker
on the corner of the box. Which also changed the kit #
Revell Germany Revell Germany
The only read difference, was the addition of glow paint, and a paintbrush.
Revell GermanyRevell Germany
The only one that I have owned, also had the parts molded in black.
I haven't seen any others opened up to know if the rest were
also done in black.
Given that the numbers jump by 7 on the glow kits, I am assuming
that the tyrannosaurus was not issued with glow paint.

Then we get into the different plastic colors used.
Revell-Germany 1993 sailback contentsRevell-Germany 1993 sailback contents
As you can see one is much brighter than the other.
The rex also exhibits the same color fluctuations.
Revell-Germany 1993 tyrannosaurus model Revell-Germany 1993 tyrannosaurus rex
Also note that some versions had
white teeth/claws/eyes, while others had green.
Revell-Germany 1993 tyrannosaurus rex

Now, it could just be variations in batches of color that caused this.
But I have seen so many different shades with these (coupled with other
things) that leads me to believe that there were several different runs of kits.
All using the same exact packaging though, so it is really hard to know
what was produced when.

Now, for some of the odd quirks about these editions.

Some of the runs of the Armored Dinosaur came with parts
that originally came with the Sailback Reptile.
They were the clear-green parts that have never been issued
with the sailback since Aurora produced it.
Revell-Germany missing parts
Here is a picture showing the parts from the RG armored dinosaur
and one of the original aurora pieces.
As you can see, they are darker and opaque.
Revell-Germany 1993 missing parts
Note, in the picture above, you can see that the sprue still says Aurora.

2 versions
A Revell-Germany allosaurus with a sailback base.
The allosaurus has never had it's own base reissued.
Some issues of the sailback have both base halves,
some only have the rocky portion of the base.
Not sure why some allosaurus kits would have the other
sailback base, especially since it wouldn't really fit on it.

But, as you can see, they had all the pieces available,
and could have reissued a complete sailback kit,
but never did.

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