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Revell-Germany 2015-??
Revell Germany Revell Germany
Here we go again. Latest round of reissues.
Out of Germany this time.

There are only 8 kits this time. No flying or mammoth.
KIT # (click image to go to page with details on each kit)
Tyrannosaurus Rex 6470 Revell Germany
3 Horned Dino 6471 Revell Germany
Spiked Dino 6472
Revell Germany
Sailback Reptile 6473
Revell Germany
Allosaurus 6474 Revell Germany
Armored Dino 6477 Revell Germany
Now, for some of the oddities about these editions.

First of all, the kits come with 4 pots of paint, glue, and a double-ended brush.
Revell Germany

And it kind of looks like some of the parts counts may be wrong.
As well as some of the info about size and such.
There is nothing new in any of these, and none of the older problems have been corrected.

They also, aren't in your usual model boxes.
There isn't a top to lift off, or even the usual clamshell design.
All 6 sides are full color. And only the end flaps open.
(except the T-rex. That has the usual lift off lid)
Revell Germany
Revell Germany

And, as usual, Revell-Germany uses boxes that are way too big just for uniformity.
Revell Germany
Revell Germany

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