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As the name says, this is my page of stuff that I have for sale or trade.
I am always buying large lots to get some of the cool stuff you see here on the site. The extra stuff ends up here.
Prices are not set in stone. Always willing to negotiate. Also willing to trade

Prices do NOT include shipping.
I accept checks, money orders, and PayPal.

I ship world-wide

For those who are interested, use the links below to see what I currently have available..
Kits Click to email me Instructions
and other paper items like ads
Parts My Ebay Auctions Boxes
Also, if you are thinking about changing hosts for your website, please take a look at my host. I have been extrememly happy with them and if you sign up through this page, I get a little help toward paying for this site.

You can also check here for parts. The Pit also has repro resin bases.
This site also has parts for sale.
And if you are looking for complete kits, check
this site.


--------Here is some of what I am looking for --------

Canadian/UK PS instruction sheets or boxes

Any x-mas catalogs with PS kits in them.

Aurora Monster Scenes - Pirates of the Carrabean - Haunted Mansion kits or parts

Any of the Pom Poms (candy) boxes from the mid 70's. These have pictures of the Prehistoric Scenes box art on the back.

Armored Dinosaur - box
Tar Pit - 1972 box
T-Rex - box
........right eye - glow only
1972-1974 Aurora catalogs
1971 4 page Prehistoric Scenes catalog insert
Endangered Species
Komodo Dragon - monkey
Polar Bear - need a few parts, will list specifics later
Black Panther - only a few pieces needed now.

Revell - Mothers Worry - tongue

Revell - Robin Hood Royal Coach:
3 - crown
6 & 7 - elephant ears
11 - front of coach
19 - one of the flags
22 - the piece the elephant pulls the coach with

2000-2006 trevor ylisaari