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Prehistoric Scenes

Prehistoric scenes cave display
This sections covers all the stuff that was used to promote the sales of the kits...
Aurora 1971 model catalog supliment Catalogs

The bread and butter of any kit producer. If the stores don't know about the product, they can't offer it for sale..
Covering Aurora, Mongram, and Revell

Amazing Figure Modeler #38 Magazines

Without the magazines, how were modelers supposed to find out about these cool dinosaur kits?
(before the internet that is)
Also includes price guides.

Aurora prehistoric scenes comic ad. Advertisements

Comic book and magazine advertisements used to promote the models

Aurora prehistoric scenes promo picture Promotional Photographs

High quality pictures of built up kits.
Used by salesmen to promote the product and used to get stores to stock them.

Prehistoric scenes mammoth display Displays

Factory built store displays.
Used to help increase sales.
If kids saw what the kits could look like, they would be more likely to want one for themselves..