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Hmm, what have we here?

I am sure that anyone who just stumbled on this place is asking themselves this question.

Well, quite simply, this is an archive of some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer online boards I have been a member of over the years. Back around 2000, shortly after I finally got an internet collection, I began joining online communities related to things I liked. That summer, I stumbled across a board called Raven's Realm that had intelligent discussion about one of my favorite TV shows. On top of that, there were some interesting characters that also posted there, as well as some really great people.

Over the years, that board closed, another one opened to replace it. Then that one split.
Lots of people have come and gone, but there is still a small core group of people that are still around from those days. This is a place for us to share the memories of what once was. And to make sure that even more of the history is not lost in the coming years.

It is also a good place for new members of the online communities to see some of the insanity from days gone by. To kind of understand some of the references some of us 'old timers' throw out there occasionally.
And hopefully, some of those old, long lost members might stumble on this place. Those people that used to be so active, and such a part of our online day, that have now moved on with their lives and lost touch. Maybe the nostalgia will cause them to pop back in and see what is going on.


Well, enough of that stuff.
Quit reading this!
No one really cares what I have to say.
Check the rest of the pages.
Read some of hte old threads.
Look at some of the old images.
Get all nostalgic about some of the names you see, or topics discussed.
Or, if you are new to all this, maybe you will want to join one of the communities mentioned in the history page...