This year I set a new personal record for trick-or-treaters!
I got 16 tonight! :-)

Here is my front yard. Not as great as I would like, but not too bad either. I would love to do a lot more, but still have nowhere to store anything during the off season :-(

Some more pics of the outside.

My newest prop and a view of the inside of my porch. Doesn't look like much, but after it gets dark, with the blacklight on and the fog machine going, it isn't too bad.

This is still my favorite from last year. Glowing eyes, and spewing fog/mist.

Some shots from after dark.

Some shots of my favorite toy from this year so far.
The ghosts hands and head run up and down making it look really spooky.

Above is my daughter and her friend just before they left to go TOTing.

My 17 year old son (on the right) and his 2 buddies decided to go out an have some fun too!

No pics of me this year :-(
Basically the same costume as last year, except I wore the mask that I had on the prop this time.
I have to change my look for next year. Go for something completely different.

I just took these shots for the fun of it.
This is the night sky Saturday night. Halloween eve.
The Saturday before, I did something I haven't done in a long time. Went out to a halloween party. My friends were in from Michigan to visit, so we got dressed up and had a blast. BTW, they came in 2nd in the costume contest at the bar.