This year I shattered my personal record for trick-or-treaters!
I got 30 tonight! Almost twice what I had last year :-)
I got a late start on the pictures so they are all taken just as it was getting dark, or after dark.

Here is my side yard. This year I put more decorations in the side yard so they were visable from the main road. Same with lights. A seemingly successful attempt to draw more people down my street.

The front and side of the house.

Some close-up of some of the goodies outside.

The cool ghost I picked up last year.
Looks kind of fake in the light, but when it is dark and lit up, it really pulls off the effect.

Some shots of my favorite toy from this year so far.
It just looks so awesome. Especially hanging in the tree like that.
I think next year I am going to rig it up with a pulley and drop it down at people when they come up to the steps.