Camp 05
We have a camper at a campground. They had trick-or-treating for the kids on October 1.
I grabbed all that I could fit in my car and decorated as best I could. Trick-or-Treating was at 4 in the afternoon.
Since it was in full daylight, I ignored anything that used lighting for part of the effect.

The full scene.

A little something I picked up on clearance last year.

A few props set up. This one is the first one I made, I keep rotating costumes and masks on it each year..

Here is the zombie I made last year. Looks pretty good sitting at the table like that..

My new costume for this year. It's not too bad, but I will have to get some stuff to fix it up a bit better for coming years.
Being the middle of the afternoon and rather warm and sunny, I quit using the mask fairly early and switched to just the bandana. Wish I would have brought an eye patch to go with it.