Camp 06
We have a camper at a campground. They had trick-or-treating for the kids on September 30.
I grabbed all that I could fit in my car and decorated as best I could.
Trick-or-Treating was supposed to be at 3 in the afternoon.
Since it was in full daylight, I ignored anything that used lighting for part of the effect.
Unfortunately the weather sucked. It rained for a couple days before hand and during that day.
It was also pretty chilly.
Because of all this, they canceled the trick-or-treating and just had all the kids go up to the main hall and collect candy there.
Major bummer.

The full scene.

A little something I threw together. the zombie in the chair also held the candy dish.
So the kids would have to go up to hm to get theirs..

My costume for the day. Nothing really earth shattering as I had most of this from previous years.
Though the mace and gloves were new aquisitions after the holiday last season.