This year I didn't get much done. Way too much stuff going on, and I just couldn't dedicate the time needed to really do things right.I got a few decorations out though and had a little fun.
The weather was awesome, though with the new DST not happening until November it was light for much of the designated TOT time. This really screwed me on the number of kids I got. Since I am out of the way, usually the lights and the sound are what draw people. With it not being dark, my lights didn't catch anyone's attention.
I only ended up giving out treats to 9 people.

halloween 2007
As you can see. Not much here. A few lights, a few masks and some stuff in the windows that you can see below.

halloween 2007 halloween 2007

halloween 2007 halloween 2007
This year, since it was so warm, I opted to go with face paint instead of a mask.

halloween 2007 halloween 2007
My daughter and her friends ready to hit the streets for candy.

Now, I know they may look a little old. But my philosophy is that you are never too old for Halloween!
As long as someone makes the effort, does a decent costume, and is having fun, I'll give them candy.