This year I didn't get much done. I've been working way too much overtime and just could find the time to put much up.
I had intended to put more out on Saturday, but it was way too windy for most of what I wanted to do.
The temperature wasn't bad, and the rain cleared out early in the day, but sadly, the winds never died down.
Was a decend year though. I ended up getting 14 TOTers. Which is the best yet, since they changed DST and it stays light for most of the designated TOT time now.

halloween 2008
As you can see. Not much here. Some pumpkins and skulls that my nephew helped me set up. And a few other things I set up on Saturday.

halloween 2009
I didn't do much inside this year either.
With my daughter being off at college now, and not having a birthday party for her the weekend before halloween, just didn't see much sense in going all out inside this year.


halloween 2009 halloween 2009
This is the main reason I still decorate now.
Above, my son's 2 kids.
Below, my 3 neices and nephew.
halloween 2009 halloween 2009 halloween 2009
halloween 2009 halloween 2009 halloween 2009

No pics of me this year. But this is the mask that I wore.
halloween 2009
That combined with my tattered black burlap costume seemed to do a decent job of scaring people.
Still need to find some good gloves to complete the ensamble though.
halloween 2009
I picked this up earlier in the day, and had hoped to set it up in the yard. But as I said, way too windy.
Need to stock up on some more rebar for next year.