Camp 04
This year we have a camper at a campground. They had trick-or-treating for the kids on October 2.
I grabbed a few things and decorated at the last minute. Turns out there are a couple other campers that go all out, so next year, I am gonna do it up right :-)

Here is my wife and a couple decorations.

A few props set up. My wife cooked up the one on the right using a costume my daughter decided not to wear that day. Pretty good considering there was no planning, it was just done on the spot with what we had on hand.

Me and my daughter, dressed up for the occasion.
Didn't want to haul out too much, so I used a costume that I bought last year. Touched it up with a few item from my garb for medieval faire.

Just a few shots of my daughter playing by the fire that night. I think she has a bit of the holiday spirit :-)