My favorite holiday. This year was pretty cool. Got 16 Trick-or-Treat-ers. That is 16 more than last year.

Well, I got a few pictures from this year :-)
Here are a couple pictures of Britny and her friend.

Here are some shots of me in my costume. Might look familiar from previous halloween pictures. I went back to the mask I used in 2000. Also didn't make many changes to the costume itself (usually I make additions and changes every year) Just didn't have time this year. Too much overtime at work, and wanted to make sure I got my front porch done on time.

Speaking of my front porch, here are the pictures of it. I know it doesn't look like much, but it is a start. This is only my second year of staying home and passing out candy. I have lots of plans, just need time to work on them and someplace to store stuff in the off season. The upper-left picture is the inside of the porch. Doesn't look like much, but at night with the torch and blacklight going, plus the fog machine, turned out ok.
My first full sized prop turned out ok. Will go into more details on construction later.