Our new house
My wife and I bought a new (to us) house. It needs a little work, but is a beautiful and charming place. Full of potential.
Built in 1890 and has some nice high ceilings. Hardwood throughout (that I am pretty sure is original).
Downstairs has beautiful, wide, arched doorways. And the whole house has great, old, woodwork.

Ok, here is is.
Rooms that have some progress photos will have text links under the photos.

Nice front porch, with plenty of windows..

Decent sized front entrance.

The front room.

Which leads to the living room.
Complete with fireplace, and bay window.

to the dining room

closet on the far wall

door to the kitchen

one end of the kitchen leads to

laundry room

first floor bathroom

nice sized full bath

we both love this retro bathroom

the dark kitchen that needs a lot of work

with the gigantic island

back the way we came

a better look at the dining room shelves

and the living room bay window

back to the entrance

up the stairs

the girls room

what will become my collection room

our bedroom


that leads to the 2nd bathroom