My wife's new camper.
My wife bought a new (to us) camper at the end of the camping season last year.
We wemt up just after New Years to take some stuff out there and to check on things.
While there, I took some pics for her, so she can show it off to here friends and family.


Ok, here is is. Can't remember the exact length. Somewhere around 30-33'

Here is the view of the lake from the deck of the camper.
Not too shabby huh.

Here is what the camper looks like from the road.
Look, we even have a tree for shade, which is a huge step up from the last lot we had.

Love the shed. Now we have room to store stuff!

A good shot to give an idea of the lot size, and how close we are too the lake.

Me, chillin on the couch :D

My wife, in the chair.
This is what you see when you come in the door, the living room.

A look to the left, and you have the kitchen.

To the right, the rest of the living room.

A look down the hall from the kitchen, into the bedroom.
With the bathroom that space between them.

A better look at the kitchen area, while I was sitting on the couch.

And, most importantly, a nice sized bedroom.