Medieval Faire

I made up some banners to promote my message board.
Feel free to use them if you wish.

Website banners
These are a little on the heavy side, so I only suggest using these for websites
My Faire Board appr 90 KB
appr 43 KB
same as above, just a little slower animation
Banners for sites or boards
These are smaller file size and are appropriate for both websites and messageboards
appr 13 KB
appr 24 KB
appr 31 KB

For those who would like to add a clickable banner to their signature on a message board that allows such things, here is the usual code to do it

" [url=][img]ADDRESS OF IMAGE[/img][/url] "
do not use the quotation marks (") on either end of the code, that is just to make it display properly!
Replace the ADDRESS OF IMAGE with the address of the image you are using.
You can either use the images as they are hosted here (in other words, on my site) or you can save the images and upload them to your own webspace.

One more image that you may want to use instead.
Also, this is sized to be printed as a business card. For those of you who like handing them out, and hate trying to track us down to get more. Feel free to print out some more yourself. Should be able to get 10 on a sheet of paper.